Let’s Go Hawks

This evening is game 2 of the first round of Lord Stanley’s playoffs. The Blackhawks lost on friday due to a fluky goal that allowed things to get tied and then a strange play to allow for the go-ahead goal against the Predators. Of course, many in Chicago saw that there were Cubs players at the game and immediately started with demanding they stay away from the games because they are bringing their Cubs curse-stench to the Blackhawks and the ‘Hawks don’t want it. I found that pretty funny, mainly because I have a feeling a lot of those professing it was the Cubs’ players fault might have been White Sox fans.

In any event, I won’t pretend to know everything there is to know about hockey. But I do know, the defense hasn’t been stellar for the Blackhawks. Early on in the season, the defense was playing so spectacular and at such a high level, that it made for the only weakness to talk about with the team being the Goalie situation. Well, once the D-men came back to earth, the goalie situation started to show it really was as bad as many thought. BUT, friday’s game was not because of the goalie. Niemi was good. However, I think the Blackhawks may have run into a hot goalie (kiss of death in the playoffs) in Rinne. Please let him not get hot and let the Blackhawk D get back to spectacular. Oh and can the team as a whole stop trying to be too cute with the puck possession. When they get too cute, they aren’t at their best. I get their game is puck possession, but too much cuteness isn’t good.

Here’s hoping for a win tonight so they ‘Hawks go into Nashville this week with some momentum on their side.


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