The Blackhawks win Lord Stanley’s Cup!!!!! The Blackhawks win Lord Stanley’s Cup!!!! On June 9, 2010, the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup finals by a score of 4 – 3 in OT. Crazy goal by Patrick Kane that no one was really sure went in initially, let alone could find. The game was amazing with both teams coming out ready to play and play with some desperation as if life depended on it. For the Philadelphia Flyers, it literally did because they were down 3-2 in the best of 7 series. If the Flyers didn’t win, their season would officially be over.

Watching the game, was incredibly intense. The back and forth scoring that occurred (not rapid fire like in earlier games, but still not fun when it would get tied), the missed calls, the insane penalties (both those you could see as stupid and the ones just completely missed). It was enough to make a person chew your nails off or possibly gain about 20 pounds from stress eating. I think the only reason I didn’t do either was 1) i’ve never been a nail biter and 2) while i had food (nachos) it was the worst ever so i wasn’t inclined to eat it. Additionally, while at a bar to watch (i yell too much to watch at home; my elderly neighbors might want to call the police on me for making so much noise yelling at the near goals), I just was too nervous to want to drink.

Of course, the OT goal was the most insane. It was such a crazy play in that the camera lost sight of the puck, both the NBC and CBC broadcasters lot sight of the puck and had a delayed reaction. It seemed the only person who knew a goal was scored was Patrick Kane (KANER!). Watch the last couple of minutes leading up to the win here.

Overall, this was a great series to watch. Unexpected players stepped up while the top line of Toews, Kane and Byfuglien were mostly absent. Congratulations to the Flyers for making it a series, but the best team won this one. CONGRATULATIONS to the Chicago Blackhawks!!!! They were spectacular and it felt like destiny for them to go the distance. The way the guys on the team thanked their fathers after was amazing. They achieved their ONE GOAL. I can’t wait until the 2010 -2011 hockey season to begin. now to find the guy to hang out at the games with me. . .


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