At the Beautiful Ball Park

I love, love, LOVE going to baseball games. The atmosphere, fellow fans, the smells, lazing around at the park; it is all heaven to me. Usually, any game will do (save for cubs games because i just cannot focus when i am at their ballpark and i will refrain from ripping it). I always end up meeting new people and having a great time talking baseball with them. However, there are things that occur at the ballpark that will drive me absolutely nuts. I don’t have a terribly long list of things that annoy, disturb and make me want to hurt someone at the ballpark, but there are a few.

1) The Wave: this is probably my number one pet peeve. It doesn’t belong at a ballgame. PERIOD. If you are going to the ball park, you should probably watch the game. Personally, I think the fools who start it should be shot, dragged out of the ballpark and banned from ever coming back. Why so much vitriol for the wave? Because every time morons do it, the game is really close and the fans should be cheering for their team and not engaging in the wave.

2) Not waiting until at least between at-bats to leave your seat: this annoys me probably because I have a seat close to the aisle and people will naturally be climbing over me at every turn. It also annoys me because I am trying to watch the game and having people stand up while a pitch is being thrown is annoying. The people never seem to notice they are blocking my view. Most annoying is when something is said, these folks have the nerve to get angry because I want to watch the game. The worst however is when the half inning is over and once a player comes up to the plate to start the other half of the inning when someone feels the need to leave their seat. These same folks never can be bothered to say excuse me or sorry for blocking my view. Personally, I’d prefer it if people waited until between innings to get up from their seats, but I can deal with between at-bats. And before you go asking, I do follow this myself, even waiting until between innings. Something related to this: if you are at the game to just enjoy the atmosphere and not actually watch the game, then please go somewhere in the park where you aren’t climbing over fans. Most ballparks have places for fans to lounge around, talk about stuff other than the game and generally hang out while not watching the game. I know you want to have a good experience at the ball park, but that doesn’t give you the right to ruin my experience by being an idiot and blocking my view of the game.

3) Wearing attire of a team not on the field: Every time I see someone at US Cellular Field wearing Cubs attire, I want to beat that person to a bloody pulp. Not just because I am not a Cubs fan (that is part of the reason), but mainly because it seems rude to me to wear clothing of a team no on the field. If a person does that, it says to me, they have nothing else in their closet to wear, which is bogus to me. It is like going to a person’s house and having dog shit on your shoes and your smearing it all over that person’s home. I know some people who think that even wearing the opposing team’s attire at the ball park is wrong, but I can’t go that far. If you are at a visiting ball park to support your team that is PLAYING ON THE FIELD, you should be able to wear that team’s attire to support your team.

4) Potty Mouth Fans: So, this is a slightly odd one for, as I can swear with the best of them. However, it drives me crazy when there are children around and some idiot drunk is swearing up a storm. I am all for freedom of speech. You should be able to say whatever you please and need to to express your feelings. However, in case you hadn’t noticed, ball parks try to be family friendly and kid oriented places. As such, many places, such as US Cellular field will have days that are specifically catering to children to be at the ball park. With that in mind, is it really that hard to temper the foul language around kids? I am hardly saying you should change your language to the ridiculous baby-talk some people employ with children, but no reason to insist upon using @$$, f&*k, $87T, etc. when you are annoyed by an umpire, plays made, etc. Not to mention, when used enough, using foul language just makes you look like an idiot. This is especially true of the drunks who can’t handle their liquor. Oh and you parents who insist upon using that language with your kids, well, yeah, I’m judging you. Whether you are at the baseball game or elsewhere.

5) Leaving the game before the 27th out: this is just a small annoyance. I am a firm believer that anything can happen in outs 25, 26 and 27. I have seen many times where amazing things have happened and lots of people missed it because they though the game was over before those last 3 outs or they just wanted to beat traffic getting out of the ball park. You can do what you want, but sometimes amazing magic happens in those last few outs. Just ask the 2004 Boston Red Sox. Additionally, I like to view baseball games as a way to relax and have some leisure time in life. If you are rushing to leave the game before it is actually and truly over, you aren’t enjoying it to the fullest in my opinion. I feel that if you in that big of a hurry, you should enjoy the game at home.

I am sure there are probably more things that go on at games that are super annoying, but these are the ones that drive me bonkers. Wondering if there are any others that people might have an issue with.


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