Kiss and Make Up

On September 27, 2010, the white sox brass had a meeting and apparently it was decided that Ozzie Guillen, the current manager of the White Sox will be back for the 2011 season.  All season long, there has been a bit of a battle between Ozzie the manager and Ken Williams, the GM, with Jerry Reinsdorf, the owner playing dad between his two squabbling sons.  Many things have gone on during the season to make the relationship between Oz and KW bad, including the whole twitter-gate controversy, the drafting of the youngest Guillen son by the White Sox in what was perceived as way too low for his talent, Ozzie’s desire to have a rotating DH while KW wanted to have one specific player at DH, whether to bring Jim Thome back among others.

Ozzie is under contract through 2011 and he has an option for the 2012 season.  Lately, it seems that Ozzie wanted further assurances that he would be with the Sox beyond 2012.  The 2012 option automatically kicks in if the White Sox win the AL central in 2011, but even if they don’t Oz could still be back.  Sadly of late, this whole drama ended up being the story of the white sox season.  It was getting so bad that many started to take sides and demand either Oz or KW should be gone because the relationship was so damaged and seemingly unworkable.  There has even been speculation that with the amount of managerial turnover about to occur in MLB, Oz might have been trying to get himself fired so he could go manage another team since he was under contract.  If Oz was / is trying to get fired for potentially greener pastures, I am not a fan of that.  Call me crazy, but I feel that if you have a contract and a commitment to do something, you should follow through, no matter how bad things may get at times, especially if you personally are contributing to the atmosphere you are working in.

Personally, I haven’t really made up my mind fully as to whether a continued Oz and KW romance for putting together a winning baseball team is ultimately what I would like to see for my team.  I do think Oz is a good manager, although he has issues.  I also think for the most part that KW has been a good GM.  However, with the two strong personalities, I am not sure it can last much longer and be for the good of the team to bring another championship to the White Sox.  It has worked for the most part, but all good things must come to an end and I am starting to think this has reached the boiling point, despite what has happened of late. While it seems the two children have made up from their feud that had gotten quite ugly during the season, I feel I need to see more before I can say they truly have kissed and made up.  This latest news just says that the off season will be more entertaining and potentially volatile than I can remember in a really long time.


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