Girl, Where’s the Info???

Sorry people for lack of posts this past week or so. I’ve been busy working on the new website for G9Sports where I will talk about all things White Sox. (which is why the final wrap of soxfest 2011 is not posted yet.) We launch on Tuesday February 1, 2011. I’m very excited for you to see what I have going on with the White Sox. As I said previously, I will continue to post things over here, but all the future talk about the white sox will appear at the new site. On tuesday, I will tell you what it is called and hope to be able to tell you about my upcoming adventures with a big race coming up in the spring and fall.

Till tuesday, happy reading. If you don’t like the White Sox, fear not as over on G9, there will be information about your favorite NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB teams. Hope you will join me on the new ride.


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