Such Slow Going

I’ve been bad. I haven’t been out running in a few days. I really need to go considering that one week from tomorrow, I have a 10K to run. Surprisingly, I am feeling a tad apprehensive about it because it will be the first actual 10K race I have ever done. Sure, I have run longer distances and shorter distances in races, but for some reason I feel like I have a mental block on the 10K. The plan for the morning is to do 4 miles before getting on with baseball stuff later in the day.

My fantasy baseball league is having our draft tomorrow evening and I am highly unprepared for it. This has to do with being busy with work stuff and writing. I want to get more into the writing I have been doing and maybe even write something that is novel-like and maybe get published. I’ve also lost a bit of interest in playing fantasy baseball this year, mainly because there are some in my league that seem to want to do as much as possible to make my job difficult as commisioner of the league.

In any event, I really do want to try to make Sandy K’s Brothers get to the playoffs this year and succeed. As much fun as it was the first year to put together a team full of Jews, I want to seriously compete just to show up the guys driving me nuts in the league. Of course, this will also probably require me lifting my ban on any players who play or played for the Cubs. Now to go try and figure out who to draft with my crappy draft position this year. Right smack in the middle of the picks — ugh!


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