Just my luck that panic would set in the day before a long run and I wake up with a terrible headache. So much so that moving my head was nearly impossible. Lucky me, as it prevented me from running the race today.

Not intentional. I ate sensibly, got sufficient rest and while the headache was starting to rear it’s head last night, I thought it would be gone. No such luck as it was worse when the alarm went off. Or more precisely, when I woke up before the alarm. I tried to maybe wait it out, but my head started to hurt worse as the minutes passed. My head didn’t start to stop hurting until way too late.

This really kills me. I really needed to do these miles to get myself in a mental spot where injury wasn’t going to continue holding me back. Or at least fear of injury wouldn’t hold me back. I did sign up for another race to “make up” for my headache today. That long race will be perfect for the scheduled long run on the marathon road.

Now to go figure out what caused the stupid headache and prevent it in the future. 


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