Something Light and Shallow

I feel a need to post something lighthearted. I was going to post a follow-up to We need to Talk about what happened the next day, but that will have to wait until later this month. After yesterday’s post, it seems only fitting to post something silly for Friday. No need to go into the weekend reading things that are heavy-hearted.

And I spent time wracking my brain trying to come up with something, but nothing really popped. When i try to be funny, it comes across badly. The only times I think I am genuinely funny are when I end up doing ridiculous things or those things happen to me.

Anyway it just so happens that the perfect subject came up last night when I was – WAIT FOR IT – at the gym. Shocking right? I finally am getting back to sessions with my personal trainer after taking a mini break due to the marathon.

So today’s topics are wallet butt and neck-less people. In my session we worked on upper body strength ( because I feel I have none.) surprisingly to me, I was lifting a lot of weight for shoulder work. My pull ups on the other hand I feel have regressed. Gotta fix that.

Anyway, after my session we were chatting a bit and the “new” male trainer went by with a rather epic mustache for Movember. After he left, I happened to mention that he does indeed suffer wallet butt. In case you are unfamiliar with this condition, wallet butt is suffered by men and is a way to describe their lack of an ass. In other words, it is so flat that the only definition you see is the bulge of the wallet if he is carrying his wallet in the back pocket.

I thought everyone knew this term but that is not the case. But now many more people do since Stephanie was telling them about it and of course they immediately get it and laugh. Because it makes sense as a description. I’m sure many guys would love not to have it, but it seems that they cannot get rid of it. Maybe because when they workout, they are more concerned about an overly developed upper body instead of also focusing a tiny bit on the lower half.

You’ve seen those guys too. Spindly legs but man, look at those guns. Hate to break it to those fellas but that is not a good look. Of course, those guys who work their upper body to the exclusion of the lower body also leads me to men who have no necks. Or no-necks as I like to refer to them.

The most common people to find who have no necks are football players. All you see of most of them is a head and then the chest. Usually, there is no space between the top of the shoulders and the ear lobes. If you spend time at a gym and see the spindly leg guys, they probably also have no necks as well. When I first saw the no neck people, I always thought they looked weird. Then I wondered how they felt essentially not having a neck. In any event, that is my silliness for the day. Yes, it is shallow, but that might happen when odd thoughts occur at the gym.


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