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Exercise is My Strength and Weakness

I work out a lot. Well, not so much a lot but it seems that way when you engage in the activity daily. If you have read any previous entries, you know I was and still am on a streak of consecutive days after my gym had a 30-day challenge last year. If you are wondering, they did it again this year and of course I completed it. I had to as the Chicago Marathon has gone up in price and the month of saved dues will go a long way toward paying for a spot in the 2013 edition of the marathon.

One “drawback” of my constant working out is that every once in a while, I fail to listen to what my body needs and instead focus on what my head wants. Last night, I had one of those experiences where I really should have done what I needed instead of just going with the flow and what my head was thinking. To back track a bit, my gym lately has been giving out guest passes to us members to get us to bring in friends to maybe join us. Even more interesting, my gym called me up one day earlier this month to give me two one-week passes to bring my friends to work out with me. All because the membership crew heard I had been at the gym nearly every day. Additional background: I have a cold. Nothing to really stop me from doing anything, but enough to make me need to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n. This cold is the result of sitting across from a woman at work who is disgusting in that she REFUSES to cover her mouth when sneezing / coughing. Continue reading


That Person

We all know this person. The one we might call a friend. We call everyone friends. We can’t help it. We just do. But we probably don’t really treat this person like we do people we really count as our friends.

That person is the one you call upon when you have no one else to talk to or hang out with. This happens when our plans with everyone else we regularly socialize with fall through, or maybe they are busy, but we want to do something. We never want to talk to this person otherwise.

That person is undeniably reliable. When we have problems, we can call upon that person and tell them what we need to get off our chests. Continue reading