Pitchers and Catchers Report

February 21, 2010 and my boys in black are in Glendale, AZ to get ready for a super fantastic season. This is always a super fun time of the year because, pardon the cliché, the grind is about to begin. So, I decided to start blogging about baseball and running because that is what I live for. And while some may think running – no way, well, in order to play the hit and run and steal bags, you do need a tad bit of speed from RUNNING in addition to base running smarts.

It took a while for me to get excited about the White Sox this year because they are definitely different, however, I really like it. Even though I am not THAT old, at times I feel like a curmudgeon because I lament the days that baseball was more of a defense game and you would see the guys out there taking as many bags as possible and not trying to hit as many bombs as possible. And who would dare doubt that “Ricky Ball” was awesome to watch. This also hurts a bit because US Cellular is a hitters ballpark. When New Comisky Park was built, it was actually a pitcher’s ballpark, which being a huge fan of pitching and defense was a dream. However, the renovations to the park (which, let’s face it, made the park more enjoyable to watch games in) made it more homer-happy.

It will be sad to not see some true class acts on the south side this year coming and going from the 3rd base dugout (Thome – he is so going to kill me now playing for the piranhas; Jermaine – wherever he may end up), but I am looking forward to seeing a team on the field that doesn’t rely on the homerun. I can actually say that in the past few years, when I would be at games and see balls flying out of the park, I never thought of it as a good sign. Sure, scoring runs is always great, but when it happened via the long ball, I would feel like the team just wasn’t going to go far in the post season if they got there. It will be different this year, but I am looking forward to it. Can’t say I was beyond thrilled with the off seasons moves by Kenny & Co, but he hasn’t really let me down, so I will continue to trust what he does. And, if things don’t work super well, they can always make a mid-season move.

Anyway, this is just the first of many, many musings on baseball, running and the occasional hockey comment. Speaking of Hockey, HOW ABOUT TEAM USA! Unbelievable game against Canada. Too bad NBC blames women for its choice to show figure skating as opposed to Olympic Hockey. Huge NBC fail, but with them, what is new?

In any event, here is a post by one of the tweeps I follow, Victor Rojas (who is the play-by-play man for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim) about what baseball is. Pretty well sums up what I am looking forward to now that Pitchers and Catchers have reported. Let the grind begin.


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