For the love of the game

“The Cubs make my ass tired,” said my Grandmother one summer afternoon while at her house. I spent many of my childhood days at her house and as usual, watching the Cubs. My Grandmother is a baseball fan and when she wasn’t watching her stories (read, soap operas), the tv was tuned to Cubs baseball. I am sure they were probably losing and not going anywhere, as usual, but I fondly remember her saying this. She unfortunately is a long suffering cubs fan.

I suppose my love of the game came from just watching it at her house and eventually catching any games I could find on television. No one really ever explained anything to me, other than listening to the guys call the game. And while I am a crazed White Sox fan, I did see a fair number of cubs games. And Cardinals as they were and still are the biggest rival for the cubs (save chicago city bragging rights). Most people usually say they had a relative teach them about the game, but I think I just absorbed it. Watching on tv, listening to things that happened and having them explained, and eventually playing the game myself.

Theoretically, I should be a cubs or cards fan because of where I grew up. In east central Illinois, you either root for one of those teams for the most part. Rarely does anyone root for the White Sox. However, I feel it is perfectly fine and acceptable that I became a White Sox fan because of some of the games I saw as a child. For some reason, I saw a ton of Cincinatti Reds games growing up as well. (maybe i should be a reds fan). There was a TV station out of Indiana that would broadcast the games and somehow, my house was able to get the channel. When I wasn’t at my grandmother’s house, I would watch these games. Of course, when we got cable tv and ESPN was on with the games of the week, that opened up a whole new world of baseball for me. So many games, so little time. I actually did fight with others in the house to watch the games.

Over the years, the love affair with the game itself has just grown deeper. More of an appreciation for different teams, in addition to the first love of the White Sox. An appreciation for suffering that may occur in other towns with bad teams or teams that truly disappoint. In any event, now in for the long haul of the season and what it will entail.


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