Fan Girl Experieince Day 1 at SoxFest

Ozzie, Kenny and Ed Farmer

Howdy everyone! As I was looking over my notes, etc from SoxFest 2011, I realized that I had a ton of stuff that i could write about.  In fact, a lot of the stuff that I live tweeted, resulted in questions from followers and while I tried responding, ultimately, it ended up being too much to do via twitter because the responses would have been rather involved.  Therefore, because there were several topics that led to me having more opinions on things that need expansion, I will be doing a series of posts this week to discuss things that came up, such as thoughts on Rick Hahn, the white sox farm system, preparation of the guys and other random observations.

To satisfy you until then, you can read my twitter posts (conveniently collected so you don’t have to go look at my timeline) of my time at SoxFest.  As a first-timer at SoxFest, I must say it was quite well done.  I didn’t do any of the pictures or autographs, but I am not really the type to want to get pictures.  Though, I did get a picture with Ozzie Guillen, Jr. and Roberto Hernandez (closer for the White Sox in the mid-90s).  That was fun since they were just hanging out in the hotel lobby.  I also saw Alexei Ramirez just chillin’ at a table in the hotel restaurant by the lobby.  He was rather accommodating to the fans wanting pics and autographs while the day’s sessions were over.

And without further ado, here are the tweets from SoxFest.  I didn’t include any replies, so some of the things may not make sense, but you will get the gist of what was happening in the seminars.  (and please know, that yes, while there are spelling errors at times, that is what happens at times when you tweet a lot)

Day 2 (Saturday January 22, 2011) at SoxFest

  • Good Mornin! Off 2 #SoxFest. I will try to live tweet as much as possible, but if not, there will be a post on my blog about it. #WhiteSox
  • Keeping up w/system players: buddy bell says happy with how the guys do in the off season & where the system is headed. #SoxFest
  • For most part, players aren’t majorly overhauled since come from great programs. More time spent with lowe draft picks. #SoxFest
  • Foe example, Sale & B-Mo (brent morel) not tons of time given higher pick. #SoxFest
  • “Big brother” set up @ the cell cause the team here can see all affiliate teams. #SoxFest
  • Morel off-season prep: not much diff than prev. Lost weight during season as it was long. Sounds like more an idea …
  • DJ saying now the stuff guys diff than when he was playing, such as instructional camps, camp cora. Now full-time job to prep. #SoxFest
  • Morel started season around 218 and ended around 207. Sale thinking about putting on weight! (Haha) #SoxFest
  • Bell says probably hardest thing about scouting is projecting what the guy is going to look like #SoxFest
  • Minors philosophy: take lead from KW & Oz. Try to prep guys for game. Make understand what need to do for the game. #SoxFest
  • Stress on fundamentals & making players understand the importance. Expect perfection so ask for it. #SoxFest
  • Jared Mitchell status: did afl& instructional. Doing well. Will play some major league camp. Still rehabbing. #SoxFest
  • Fan asks about how chicago factors into drafting & FAs. DJ says for him is the organization as big draw. Thinks that for anyone #SoxFest
  • Oh & “b-mo” is buddy bell’s nickname for brent morel, not mine. #SoxFest
  • Get great guys & hope that can tinker to catch “lightening in a bottle” #SoxFest
  • Org wants guys in minors to experience playoff baseball as well. Important to development. When get to najors, expected to win. #SoxFest
  • Sale throws what his catchers tell him to. He trusts them. #SoxFest
  • Sale’s delivery motion: came about due to looking for success. Started out throwing over top, but numbers were bad. Then changed to (cont)
  • Get success. Change-up greatly improved & he stArted to find success. All b/t fresh/soph year of college. #SoxFest
  • Bell doesn’t really pay attention to system rankings. #SoxFest
  • And there was much chuckling about uncle phil in connection to minor league system grading. #SoxFest
  • After the first seminar re the minors, I’m feeling psyched for #WhiteSox farm system. #SoxFest
  • Seminar room getting packed. Ozzie & KW up next! #SoxFest
  • If you’re at #SoxFest let me know as I’d love to meet fellow south side fans. ☺
  • When season ended, KW says it was either go young to compete in a few years or take what had & go all in. #SoxFest
  • KW at end of season told Paul he wanted him back & Dunn with him. #SoxFest
  • #SoxFest RT @CSNChi_Beatnik: Ed Farmer asks how many ppl have seen Adam Dunn up close. Ozzie interrupts: “How big, or how ugly he is?”
  • Oz says felt better chance w/ #Twins closer than the likes of crain or gueirrer
  • Oz hitting fungos in street clothes story quite the riot. #SoxFest
  • Well I was so good defensively, I forgot to hit. Oz to KW about I can’t hit. #SoxFest
  • Fan ? To kw about best / worst trade: kw tells oz to shush. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • KW thinks unfair. Thought colon 1st time good. Next one that takes to series will be best. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Oz very complimentary of Jenks. Says too early to say who his closer is now. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Fan asks about bringing Jermaine Dye back. KW expects him at someone’s camp since feels #WhiteSox are solid, not …
  • Kid ask ? For Oz & he says “why” ? Of who 4th hitter & why. Oz says strong middle of lineup so hard to say. Prob dunn 3 & pk 4 now. #SoxFest
  • KW: There is a big problem when I’m looking at this kid in college who is better than the guy Coop working w/ in …
  • Sale making Mauer look infantile being discussed. #WhiteSox #Twins #SoxFest
  • If you think u worry about slow start, so do I. Oz on the changes to spring coming. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • ? Bout #Twins draws out KW & Oz grimmace. Fan say let’s kick their butts. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • 2 games against MN (thome homer) oz says, there we go it’s Oz fault. Next day when jenks gave up 4. These still kick the gut. #SoxFest
  • KW says he wishes Oz would stop talking about those games. #SoxFest #WhiteSox
  • KW talking about how Oz just brings up games from out of the blue from long ago. Pretty funny. #SoxFest #WhiteSox
  • Fans seem extremely pumped for 2011 season. #SoxFest #WhiteSox
  • Thoughts on batting rios 2: Oz says bacon is 2 now & doesn’t want to take rios bat. Ramirez & vizquel also 2 hole possibilities. #SoxFest
  • Team does think about the slow starting / cold weather adverse players. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Oz doesn’t sound like he’d ever want naturals as coaches. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • “We’re kind of tapped out” KW on thoughts of having brought andruw jones back. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Sounds like guy asking bout Jones is a huge fan of his. #SoxFest #WhiteSox
  • Oz speaking nicely of @BSLillibridge and his outfield abilities. #SoxFest #WhiteSox wish you could have made it Brent.
  • Oz wondering if fans hate Carlos Quentin. They keep asking about RF replacement. Says he thinks TCQ will step up …
  • Good session w/ Oz & KW. Always funny. And good to see them getting along #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • #WhiteSox fans: if you want games for apr/may get them now! Special promo now to win trip to spring training. #SoxFest
  • #WhiteSox working on a mobile app for parking stuff, etc. Also working on bar coding parking passes to move them with ur tix. #SoxFest
  • Jim Cornelison singing anthem at uscf in april. #WhiteSox also going to be doing a 10K on apr 3 in conjunction #Bulls #Blackhawks. #SoxFest
  • RT @tinyj: @veeckasinwreck @cherann23 and me having a ball at #soxfest #whitesox good to meet fellow peeps
  • Session on draft to majors. Questions right off the bat of comparing #Twins org to #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Draft philosophy or getting guys who are high impact / high ceiling. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • ? asked if whether players coming up are given history lessons on team. Asked cause of Bacon’s lack of knowing who Baines is. #SoxFest
  • Team does give them info btw. Rick hahn said Bacon’s lack of knowledge was fun for the team. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Priority in future for latin america. Lag now due to the past scandal but Hahn feels that #WhiteSox are on the right track now. #SoxFest
  • Lots of talk & comparisons with #Twins. Seems clear goal is not to make playoffs every year, but ultimatley win …
  • Drafting of players about getting the guys with the right tools to help team win. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • And the questioning of Quentin continues. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Fan asked if the guys ever advocate for KW to not trade a player because of his future potential. Interesting question. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Purpose of minors: to provide assets to help team both via trade and on the team. When move a guy, doing to make #WhiteSox better. #SoxFest
  • Lauman says when moves are made, always done with eye to future. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Fan asks if any reason for why a early rounder turns into a journeyman & late rounder an allstar. Answer basically luck. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Fan ask why #WhiteSox don’t get fa like cliff lee, sabathia, etc. Hahn says because of allocation of resources. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Hahn says team isn’t adverse but not a philosophy team embraces now & how thet allocate resources. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Buddy Bell just told a guy he wears the uniform of Coop better than coop does. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Bell thinks reason for premiun on catching is because when kids are young, they get moved 2 infield so not doing as much. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • There have been. He’s happy now. would like to be a gm someday. RT @mikeb31772: @cherann23 Any questions on Hahn’s …
  • Oh yes, oney is! So lelvel-headed. RT @JulieDiCaro: @cherann23 but he’s such a level-headed young man . . .
  • Session next w/ Bacon, Juan Pierre &Steve Stone. Getting crowded again. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Jokes about Jeff Cox’s base stealing ability. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Juan Pierre talking about what he looks for in pitcher when stealing. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • And he’s sporting a shirt that says “beast mode” & stoney is dissing pierre’s league-leading pickoffs. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Bacon- juan is going to toodle me? I’m from georgia, I don’t know the talk. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Pierre is tutoring Beckham on base stealing. #WhiteSox #SoxFest they did work on some at camp cora.
  • Bacon: cox, I got to get on base to steal. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Cox responds with good point. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Jeff Cox is HILARIOUS!! #WhiteSox #SoxFest stoney translating for him. Pierre says now u know y we use sighs. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Juan says one of best baserunning team he was part of 2003 marlins. #WhiteSox #SoxFest don’t have to be fast to be good.
  • JP says #Twins are good at it and he gets boos (of course) and he knows yeah, but still they are good. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • “First of all, don’t send konerko” jeff cox in talking about strength of OF arms. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • So sad. And well I leave at that. RT @JulieDiCaro: LOL–@OneyGuillen is threatening to fight people outside #SoxFest. I love it.
  • Sliding headfirst into 1B: don’t do it — Juan Pierre. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Stone saying that you never see olympic sprinters head first diving but leaning. Great analogy. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • JP rather get thrown out than picked off because pick-off meant didn’t get the right kind of lead. No Fear. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Steve Stone and his dry cracks are aweosme. Just discussed jose valentin base-running was pretty funny. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • JP says that he thinks Buehrle could pick him off. Buehrle’s had opps, but hasn’t yet. JP not sharing how he reads 56. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • JP wants enough bags this season to get to the world series & wim. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • JP’s “swim move” is his last desperate attempt to not get out. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • JP says that he thinks Buehrle could pick him off. Buehrle’s had opps, but hasn’t yet. JP not sharing how he reads 56. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • JP wants enough bags this season to get to the world series & wim. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Final session today will have Frank Thomas & Adam Dunn. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • And I’m glad I’m getting #Blackhawks updates while attending #SoxFest today. #LetsGoHawks
  • And it is getting packed again. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Walker thinks 2011 team is deepest hitting going into ST he’s seen since been hitting coach. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Lots of cheers for Frank after farmio talking bout number retired. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Frank says number ceremony was one of the best days of his life. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Farmer selling Dunn on Chicago! Best fans, best food, etc. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Frank happy & proud to spend time in chicago. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Dunn getting crap for saying fav ballpark to play in so far has been wrigley. Farmer reminding crowd that dunn was a visitor. #SoxFest
  • Walker thought #WhiteSox competed well in Target Field. #SoxFest
  • I take off maybe 3 weeks. And I lift. I don’t do much running as you can prob tell — adam dunn. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Dunn was recruited as a QB by UT! Fact from Farmio. Frank says should have been a lb. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Farmer discussing what he’d do if his guys get hit. If they hit frank or adam, thinks 2 or 3 from other team for each. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Dunn not a fan of guys dancing around on base when he’s hitting. He’s ok till 2 strikes. Says get used to it. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • We’ll talk — frank to adam on what he will be needing to do as DH. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Dunn prefers ash over maple. Maple doesn’t bend & he doesn’t want to be the guy to kill someone. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Last season was first that Dunn was a first pitch guy. (15% as opposed to 3% in prev years) #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Farmer: I think that heisman might be going back in a few years. Said to auburn guy Frank. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Dunn’s beard: pure laziness. He cuts his own hair. Sweet. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Dunn says he was sold on #WhiteSox because they really wanted to win. #SoxFest
  • Dunn’s fav nationals player prob ryan zimmerman. Been friends a long time (kid solicited this info) #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Franks it’s funny that Dunn has batted lead-off. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Dunn retorted back “can we look at career base stealing stats” #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Quentin plays baseball w/ a football players mentality — greg walker #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • I was shell shocked when I learned oz would be my manager. Frank Thomas. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Corrected! RT @cherann23: Franks thinks it’s funny that Dunn has batted lead-off. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Dunn says yes, any #WhiteSox can win mvp. Well maybe not AJ. #SoxFest
  • And that’s a wrap for today. Tune in tomorrow for more #SoxFest tweets.
  • Just got a pic w/ ozzie jr & roberto hernandez. Will post later. #WhiteSox #SoxFest
  • Just witnessed a proposal at #SoxFest. Don’t think couple here for soxfest though.
  • So there is a family part #SoxFest that I’m checking out. Aaaaand a guy is singing your love by the outfield now. Bad key for him.
  • The live band for karaoke is playing everything in keys too high for the singers. #aretheytryingtomakethesingerssoundbad?
  • MT @VeeckAsInWreck: Ladies and gentlemen…let’s get #soxfest trending!! It’s top ten now! #soxfest @tinyj @cherann23 @jeffrey10s @lauriewaz

And that is it for the tweets from day 2. Since there are so many, I will do a separate post from day 3 and i apologize for the long post.  If you have any questions about what some of the abbreviations mean, just ask as I realize there may be people who are not white sox fans reading this and therefore don’t know the nicknames for players, coaches, etc.


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