Talk to me like I am a Five-year old

I don’t get it. I try to make it make sense in my head. Yet, I just cannot rationalize it. This election cycle is crazy. Specifically, some things that I don’t think should be an issue are an issue. So much so that I along with many other women feel under attack.

What am I talking about? Birth Control. Apparently, the GOP candidates for President are hell-bent on attacking the use of birth control. The number of laws that I have seen proposed by republican legislators lately is frightening to me.

Bills requiring doctors to lie to women about how far along in a pregnancy they are to stop abortion. Bills allowing for an employer to FIRE an employee if she is using birth control for a reason that is NOT other than to prevent pregnancy. Bills saying that women should be told that having an abortion will lead to breast cancer.

WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. EF? Call me crazy, but I thought it was 2012. And I also thought that a huge tenet of Republican / Conservative policy was for the GOVERNMENT to STAY OUT OF PEOPLE’S PERSONAL LIVES. Well, except when it comes to what women are allowed to do with their bodies.

I seriously do not understand how this works. You want the government to not tell you what to do and to stay out of your business. Yet, in the very next sentence, you are screaming for the government to be involved in something that is VERY private (at least I thought it was) and personal to a person.

Please explain to me how these two ideas mesh. If you tell me it is about protecting another person, then I have to ask you why does a woman’s rights, feelings, and thought suddenly get pushed aside because she is carrying a potential new person? And I say potential because I am one of those crazy folks who doesn’t believe that life begins at conception.

Not to mention that the GOP seems to also have this agenda that refuses to make sure services are available for a women who is pregnant to ensure that the baby is born healthy or once born, isn’t left to die due to lack of services.

Seriously, I am asking a question and would appreciate an honest answer? I am not asking this question of how people who call themselves Conservative Republicans to make fun of someone. I really am trying to understand. How can you demand the government stay out of people’s personal business, yet when it comes to issues affecting women, such as the use of birth control for, you know, PREVENTING a pregnancy you DEMAND the government intervene?

Each day that passes when a new law is proposed, I just want to go weep for the future. Weep for young women who are trying to be responsible, yet are being made to feel like they are whores and sluts (thanks Rush Limbaugh) for doing so.

If you have an answer, please tell me in the comments. I really do want to just understand. Of course, if the only answer is that people are hypocrites and stupid, then I can accept that too.


One thought on “Talk to me like I am a Five-year old

  1. They’re desperate for votes so they’re throwing red meat to the religious right. Do everything you possibly can (like blogging it): vote, write letters to the editor, write about it for your college paper, attend the rally in your state capital April 28. Make your disgust heard! It’s shocking and relentless.

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