New Personal Records

Today was the Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago. The race is known officially as the start of the running season. This was my second year doing the race and I really enjoyed it.

I was hoping I would run the race in under an hour, but as usual plans went awry. This was because earlier in the week, I was starting to come down with a cold. The weather in Chicago has been fantastic lately, so coming down with a cold was not something ideal. I was hoping it might just be allergies, but sadly it was an actual cold.

I did manage to keep it from becoming a full-blown cold however. Just a bit of a runny nose and stuffiness in the morning. It did make life less than idea since it interfered with my running. Somehow though, I managed to set a new PR with the Shamrock Shuffle today. I knocked nearly 10 minutes off of last year’s time. I was so close to finishing in under one hour, but due to some struggles with the lingering cold, I am still quite pleased with my time today.

The fun thing about getting better with running is that each time I go out for a race, I manage to set a new PR. Given that I have continued on this trend since last year, I am starting to think that I might be pretty close to two hours on a half marathon by the end of the year when I will run my fourth one. I am signed up for three as of right now and honestly, I cannot wait to run more races.

Mainly to see just how much better I can get. I am even feeling that I am getting results and getting faster even when I am tired. Before that had been a thing that would never happen. But apparently, some of the speed work I did with my personal trainer has paid off.

I do have two 5Ks to run next month. Then, I will start to really get into the racing season with a 5-miler, 10-miler and then the first of four half marathons I have planned for the year. I am also fairly close to being on track with a goal that I have for myself in terms of mileage leading into the month of May.

I am really looking forward to what the year in racing and running holds for me. Now to keep being motivated and *knockonwood* stay injury-free.


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