Never Been Kissed

imageInstead of recovering from a 12-mile run on Saturday morning, I took the day as a rest day. I didn’t sleep well the night before and in a weird way, I wanted the temps to be worse, so I delayed the run a day. No worries as I still got those 12 in for the week’s long run this morning where it was more miserable than yesterday would have been. It is good for me to run in miserable conditions.

To start my rest day, I decided to watch Never Been Kissed. With a reunion coming up next month, it just seemed appropriate viewing. If you aren’t familiar with the movie, Drew Barrymore plays a copy editor for the Chicago Sun Times and gets her first feature assignment to go undercover at a high school and find out what the kids are up to these days. As with most romcom movies, she ends up falling for someone and through a series of events things don’t work out then they do work out.

As I watched the movie, I was reminded of just how unpopular I was in high school and miserable I was there. In some ways, it was as if I were reliving my high school experiences. Granted, I never had the most popular boy ever ask me out, let alone to prom (I didn’t go) but I do remember the torture of wanting to fit in with the “cool” kids and it just never happening.

This isn’t to say I didn’t have some friends to hang out with as I did, but life in high school was pretty awful. In the movie, there is a point when the teacher that Josie (Drew Barrymore’s character) is falling for tells her that in a few years she will be beating the boys away. I remember friends saying something similar and I can definitively say, that has never happened. And at this point never will happen. That conversation struck me as odd since a lot of times in high school, lots of people had that dream of being wanted by the popular boys (or girls). I wonder though how it felt for those who did have to beat away the attention. Was it fun or just annoying?

Next month is a planned high school reunion and I only found out about it with roughly a month before it happening. I’m not going. The last thing I want to do is spend time around a bunch of people who did not like me in high school for any significant (ok ANY) time. In this day and age, just about everyone is on Facebook. If those people really want to talk to and know about me now, they could send a friend request. Additionally, they should know if I cared to know about them I could do the same thing.

I am “friends” with a few people from high school on Facebook but a lot of days, I wonder why. Call me old-fashioned, but it seems to me if you friend someone you haven’t talked to in a number of years, it is nice to send a message to catch up and see what is going on with the person. I’ve tried to do that a few times and SHOCKER, get no response from those people. I could blame that on a general rudeness that has invaded society these days. Or I could just chalk it up to people don’t like me, so of course they wouldn’t respond to me.

But when it happens and I think about the invites I’ve gotten to attend a reunion, it makes me even more irritated. I wonder, why are you talking to me now when in the past I’ve tried talking to you and you’ve ignored me. What exactly do you want or think you can get from me now? Is it really that hard to be polite these days? Or is it just something about me that says no need to be polite. No matter as I am busy with other things and I absolutely refuse to rearrange my life to be around folks who I doubt have changed all that much from the mean girl ways if high school. In fact, I’m pretty sure it still continues to this day. Just with different things in a different form.


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