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Never Been Kissed

imageInstead of recovering from a 12-mile run on Saturday morning, I took the day as a rest day. I didn’t sleep well the night before and in a weird way, I wanted the temps to be worse, so I delayed the run a day. No worries as I still got those 12 in for the week’s long run this morning where it was more miserable than yesterday would have been. It is good for me to run in miserable conditions.

To start my rest day, I decided to watch Never Been Kissed. With a reunion coming up next month, it just seemed appropriate viewing. If you aren’t familiar with the movie, Drew Barrymore plays a copy editor for the Chicago Sun Times and gets her first feature assignment to go undercover at a high school and find out what the kids are up to these days. As with most romcom movies, she ends up falling for someone and through a series of events things don’t work out then they do work out.

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The Ignored

Middle kid syndrome. If you are a middle kid, you understand this. If you are an oldest or youngest, chances are you don’t really have a clue about it, unless something happened in your life that caused you to suffer. What exactly is middle kid syndrome? It is that situation where you are ignored by your family because attention is paid to the older kid or the younger kid. You learn to be invisibleĀ so as not to cause grief because you parents have other stiff to deal with. Quietly, you go about your business. If people notice you, it is mostly because you ended up doing something really amazing that called for praise.

Perhaps in school, your parents got a note from a teacher about a great thing you did in school. Or maybe you play a sport and scored the game winner. In any event, most of the time what you do goes unnoticed.

There is another group of people who suffer middle kid syndrome and these people really go out of their way to not be a burden to their parents and family. Those people are siblings of those who have cancer. Specifically, I am talking about kids who have a brother or sister who has cancer. Continue reading