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The Ignored

Middle kid syndrome. If you are a middle kid, you understand this. If you are an oldest or youngest, chances are you don’t really have a clue about it, unless something happened in your life that caused you to suffer. What exactly is middle kid syndrome? It is that situation where you are ignored by your family because attention is paid to the older kid or the younger kid. You learn to be invisible¬†so as not to cause grief because you parents have other stiff to deal with. Quietly, you go about your business. If people notice you, it is mostly because you ended up doing something really amazing that called for praise.

Perhaps in school, your parents got a note from a teacher about a great thing you did in school. Or maybe you play a sport and scored the game winner. In any event, most of the time what you do goes unnoticed.

There is another group of people who suffer middle kid syndrome and these people really go out of their way to not be a burden to their parents and family. Those people are siblings of those who have cancer. Specifically, I am talking about kids who have a brother or sister who has cancer. Continue reading


Still Hurts After All These Years

It was a nice September morning. Just like every other day recently, I had left early to go to school because the bus I took would actually stop in front of the building. Not that I was too lazy to walk the extra blocks, I just preferred to not have to walk as far when I was carrying around a ton of law books. I also had a study group that morning so I wanted to review notes and cases before.

Like other mornings, I went to the student lounge and was reviewing stuff while I was also watching the tv. It was usually on in the lounge tuned to a news station. As I was sitting in the lounge, a few other students were also in there and then more eventually came in. Soon, we were all glued to the tv watching the Today show. There were plumes of black smoke on the screen and the news ticker saying planes had flown into the World Trade Center.  Continue reading

White Sox Tweet Up

On Tuesday, June 8, 2010, the white sox had a tweet up at the ball park where people from the social media industry spoke on uses, etc of social media. This was the first time i had ever gone to a tweet up. I’ve only been on twitter since september of 2009 and that was because of . . . something to do with the White Sox. Yeah, I know you are shocked that I would do something because of the white sox. Anyway, I didn’t actually start tweeting until I saw something about for every hashtag mention of #beatcancer, money would be donated for cancer research. It was a Friday night and needless to say, being that I lead an incredibly exciting life on the weekends, I spent tons of time tweeting “#beatcancer”

So why is how I started tweeting relevant? Well, one of the speakers on the panel was part of the #beatcancer project. She had even stated that one of her success moments in using Twitter was that project. Also on the panel was Amy Jo Martin who was involved in the twitter battle between White Sox fans and Cleveland Indians fans (sox fans won that battle).

The event was held on the Club Level at US Cellular Field (very shi-shi) and it was a pretty cool view from there. I also got to meet someone I follow, StateStreetSports and if you aren’t following you should because will make you crack up and if you dig sports, why would you not follow them? I also met a few other fans of the white sox and baseball in general. I even got into a few “debates” about the merits of Scott Podsednik vs Juan Pierre (not much of a debate of more me disliking someone very strongly) as well as Robin Ventura’s lasting memory.

Overall, it was a great evening, despite the white sox loss. I am now feeling more inclined to go to another tweet up (and for those wondering, it is a big old hanging out of people who are on twitter, but actually in real life and not on twitter). Of course, if it involves baseball or sports in general, even better because, who can’t talk sports all day long?