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The Creek

Tuesday afternoon was Grandma’s funeral. It was a nice service and the outpouring of love from everyone who was touched by her was tremendous.

It a little bit it was odd to see so many people I haven’t seen in forever. I felt a bit bad because I didn’t recognize them, but they recognized me. This including some childhood friends. Anyway, at some point or another, everyone there yesterday had been to Grandma’s house as a kid to play and we all enjoyed this creek at the end of the street.

There were only three houses on the street (Kimball) and one that was on the street that ran perpendicular to Kimball. The house that was on the perpendicular street, its backyard went up to the creek and while we tried to play in that area, we generally stayed away for fear of getting in trouble with the owners of that house. Continue reading

Still Hurts After All These Years

It was a nice September morning. Just like every other day recently, I had left early to go to school because the bus I took would actually stop in front of the building. Not that I was too lazy to walk the extra blocks, I just preferred to not have to walk as far when I was carrying around a ton of law books. I also had a study group that morning so I wanted to review notes and cases before.

Like other mornings, I went to the student lounge and was reviewing stuff while I was also watching the tv. It was usually on in the lounge tuned to a news station. As I was sitting in the lounge, a few other students were also in there and then more eventually came in. Soon, we were all glued to the tv watching the Today show. There were plumes of black smoke on the screen and the news ticker saying planes had flown into the World Trade Center.  Continue reading