Once in a Lifetime

Penfold's GrangeSeveral years ago, I got a bottle of Penfold’s Grange as a Christmas gift from my boss. While I loved getting it, I must say the boss at the time was the absolute worst one to have and thanks to a tanking economy, I was eventually laid off from the company. That was a good thing as being around that boss was starting to be bad for my sanity.

Anyway, at the time of getting that bottle of wine, a part of me felt bad because it is so expensive. However, given all the work I had been doing over the Christmas holidays (including working Christmas Eve, day and day after at nearly all hours) while other members in the office got to enjoy the holidays work-free, I felt less bad.

When I got the wine, it would not be ready to drink for another five years. However, if I did want to drink it sooner, I could always decant it for about two weeks. Given the choice, I figured by the time it was “drinkable” I would have a really, really good reason to drink the wine. After all, Grange is a wine you get to have once in a lifetime. It isn’t something that you drink regularly. Well, unless you have money to throw around to purchase bottles and bottles of it.

As it stands, I’ve not had anything particularly amazing happen that would warrant drinking it just yet. A wine like that is one that needs a special occasion for drinking. Like an engagement or wedding. So far, I’ve had nothing even remotely spectacular that would warrant opening the bottle and savoring the taste of a wine so amazing. I was thinking maybe I would open it when I finish my big race this fall, but part of me doesn’t think that will be a special enough occasion to drink it. I could wait until I reach my ultimate running goal. But some days I think that is never going to happen because my body doesn’t want cooperate for that.

Other days, I think maybe I should just drink it just because. After all, being alive and having the opportunity to even contemplate drinking this wine is enough of a reason (in the grand scheme of things) to think, something spectacular has happened. Then again, I am always open for suggestions on something I should do that would make it worthwhile to enjoy the taste of this wine I have been sitting on for a couple of years now that is finally ready to drink. If you have any ideas for a reason I should drink my wine, leave them in the comments.


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