Things are getting less scary

This past weekend I ran 18 miles. That was by far the longest run I have done. At least the farthest I have done on a training run. In my first attempt at the marathon, I made it just past mile 21. In any event, the 18 miles actually felt pretty good. This was kind of surprising to me considering that the week prior, I had 17 miles to run and the entire week leading up to the 17 miles, I was freaking out about how far I was going to have to run.

I chose not to do the 17 miles with my pace group for various reasons and it turned out I did alright. Although, I did have to adjust where I ran because the Air & Water Show was happening so I couldn’t run as far south as I normally would have. Anyway, that run was almost my best long run of the year except around mile 10, I started to get a weird pain in my calf near my knee. 

Unfortunately, because of that pain, it was causing me to walk more than I wanted to. Fortunately, it wasn’t something that lingered beyond a day of rest so that I could get back to running. I was glad I ended up with a run that felt really good as well. Despite things not going as I had wanted, I did gain some confidence in the upcoming 18 mile run. That was a good thing as the 18 was really good. I even managed to keep pace throughout the entire thing which was a huge thing for me.

I did learn that I might have to run the big race in October without music because the battery on my phone was dying with two more miles before I was done. If that happened in the race, I would have another eight miles to go before I would finished. Unless of course, I somehow miraculously get super fast in the next few weeks so that I can be running sub eight minute miles. That would be a great thing though.

I also realized that last week was the highest mileage week so far for me. I ended up running just over 45 miles. This week is a cutback week so I won’t be running as much, but I will still be running a lot. I’m glad for the cutback as I am starting to feel a cold coming on. This thanks to working in an office that is freezing cold and no matter which hoodie I wear, I cannot get warm unless I go outside in what is turning out to be a “sweltering” week.

The first week of September – I can’t believe it is September so fast – I have a 20-mile run and I’m actually looking forward to it. I am hoping I can breeze through it. That way, doing the marathon will feel like just another run and I will finally be able to say I conquered it.


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