“I Wanna see you be Brave”

today's song is a reminder to just be BRAVE

today’s song is a reminder to just be BRAVE

Another day, another song that says something. Today’s song is Brave by Sara Bareillis. It is a song inspired by a friend of hers and you can listen to her explain about it here. In any event, it is a message that can apply to anyone about anything.

Those times where you don’t say things you really want to because you are afraid of hurting someone else’s feelings. Or those times when you just want to say fuck you to the friends who take you for granted and are never there for you when you need them, but if you aren’t there for them, there is hell to pay.

Perhaps it is a situation where you just want to tell people to leave you alone because the sudden interest in your life is annoying when there has been no interest previously. Or maybe even tell someone to take their own advice when they advise you to do something that you already do, but they don’t do it themselves so it makes no sense for them to advise you.

Of course, there are people who can do those things and many more with no problem. But for some of us, it is beyond hard. Sure, it takes you out of your comfort zone by doing them, but in the end, it is probably worth it. You are living a more honest life and you’re more honest with yourself. Additionally, if people who call themselves your friends can’t handle what you have to say, then perhaps they really aren’t friends to begin with.

Then again, bravery doesn’t always have to be about telling people off. It could also be about doing things you really want to do, but fear doing thanks to potential rejection or ridicule for doing things you love. Oh how we have a bit of a complex about what others think of us in our society. Too bad as I’m sure if so many of us were not concerned about what others thought (both positive, negative or of others’ feelings) maybe people wouldn’t have to think about bravery so much.

So, I now have my musical reminder to be brave. This also reminds me of a poem I have on a magnet about doing things as though no one else knows or sees. Perhaps the song and poem are telling me something.


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