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Halloween Bravery

Apparently, this month is in addition to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), it is also National Blog Post Writing Month (NaBloPoMo). This is where you will write a blog post daily for the month of November.

I haven’t actually ever participated in NaNoWriMo, but I do have several books I’ve started on. I do need to get around to finishing them as they might be of interest to someone. In any event, I think I will try my hand at writing for 30 days straight here and my first thoughts are about Halloween. Yes I am off a day, but oh well, I can do 29 posts in November. Continue reading

“I Wanna see you be Brave”

today's song is a reminder to just be BRAVE

today’s song is a reminder to just be BRAVE

Another day, another song that says something. Today’s song is Brave by Sara Bareillis. It is a song inspired by a friend of hers and you can listen to her explain about it here. In any event, it is a message that can apply to anyone about anything.

Those times where you don’t say things you really want to because you are afraid of hurting someone else’s feelings. Or those times when you just want to say fuck you to the friends who take you for granted and are never there for you when you need them, but if you aren’t there for them, there is hell to pay.

Perhaps it is a situation where you just want to tell people to leave you alone because the sudden interest in your life is annoying when there has been no interest previously. Or maybe even tell someone to take their own advice when they advise you to do something that you already do, but they don’t do it themselves so it makes no sense for them to advise you.

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Out of the Ordinay

Perhaps it a sign of growing. Or maybe just a sign that I’m ready to finally do what I should have been doing all along. Whatever the cause, this year I’ve done some things that are just not me. And I’m okay with stepping outside the box.

It all started in June when Man of Steel finally came out. That was a good weekend. I ran four miles at race pace on the Friday the movie came out before heading to work. Though work wasn’t all that exciting, I did have after work to look forward to because I was going to see the movie. I have been waiting FOR MONTHS for this movie to come out. Granted, it was nice to see another movie with Henry Cavill in it. But I was also excited because it was a Superman movie. Most people don’t know, but I am a Superman fan. I always have been. As a kid, I watched the Christopher Reeve movies and even at times watched the old tv show. Continue reading