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I Quit

I quit. I’m done. I can’t try anymore. I am finished.

That is how I have started to feel of late. I try and try to stay in contact with people. I try and try to be a good person to others. And in return, I get nothing. I don’t expect anything, but after a while it really does get tiring  and exhausting trying to maintain relationships with people who don’t feel the same way. Or at least take it for granted that I am always going to get in touch and maintain a relationship that clearly is one-sided. Continue reading

I Wish I Had Friends

Thursday night, I ran in the inaugural Esprit de She race in Chicago. It was a 10K and a 5K race. I signed up to do the 10, but because the temperatures were so high, the 10 was canceled so everyone had to do the 5K. Part of me is happy about that because I would have pushed through to do the 10 and perhaps regret it later.

In any event, I was only one minute slower than my fastest 5K time. Not bad considering the heat was forcing us runners to go slower. If the temps were decent, I can only imagine what my 10K time would have been as well as my 5K split.

Continue reading

EVERYBODY has a Name

I like nicknames. They just make my life easier somehow. It probably started when I was a teacher many moons ago, and some of my students had them. This was to help me to keep straight all the Jennifers, Mikes, etc so that when I was talking to a specific one, they knew who I was talking too.

They also come in handy when you are talking about someone and that person might be nearby and using a different name will not alert that person you are talking about them with someone else. Sure, not always the nicest thing to do, but we all gossip and have to find ways to do this without offending others. Continue reading