EVERYBODY has a Name

I like nicknames. They just make my life easier somehow. It probably started when I was a teacher many moons ago, and some of my students had them. This was to help me to keep straight all the Jennifers, Mikes, etc so that when I was talking to a specific one, they knew who I was talking too.

They also come in handy when you are talking about someone and that person might be nearby and using a different name will not alert that person you are talking about them with someone else. Sure, not always the nicest thing to do, but we all gossip and have to find ways to do this without offending others. I use them in almost all aspects of my life. Even my doctors have them. It just makes things easier to talk about and at times, gives flavor to stories I tell about people.

Yet, the other day, I realized a person who should certainly have another name that I use with my friends when talking about this person DOESN’T HAVE A NAME! When talking about said person, I actually use the person’s name. I NEVER do this. I mean, when I usually start talking about new people to my friends and such, the new folks already have names. They are never mean names (well, except for that one annoying girl) but names that describe a personality trait. Yet, this person doesn’t have a name. People I talk to about this person know the real name. Usually my old friends only find out real names when I actually introduce them to the new person. The nicknames serve the purpose of knowing exactly who I am talking about instead of this one girl or this one guy and having to explain every time what person I am discussing.

There are plenty of personality traits that are there to use as a nickname, but I haven’t for the life of me come up with one. Maybe because the real name just says it all? Doubtful. Maybe because I don’t want to humanize the person too much by giving a nickname? Probably too late to not have that happened. In any event, the lack of a nickname has had me thinking about the last times people I knew didn’t get them and I was hit with a crazy realization as to why no name. If the reason for no nickname with the new person is due to the realization, then it is kind of scary. Mainly because of where I am in life as far as relationships go. Maybe a nickname will then become en vogue for the person and then I can go back to living my life of using nicknames for everyone! Anyway, how do you feel about using nicknames for people?


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