The Male Meat Market

The NFL combine has been happening the past few days. If you aren’t familiar with this “event” it is basically where all these potential NFL players go and workout for scouts. In addition to the workouts (how fast can you run 40 yards?) the players also meet with various people and get asked tons of questions. The questions range all over the place. The other day when I was listening to sports talk radio, former NFL player, Matt Bowen said he was even asked to talk a priest!

Most people I talk to don’t really care much about such things as the combine. However, there is a large contingent of fans out there that does. I have even heard of some of them planning work around catching the combine so they too can scout who their team should draft. Personally, I have zero interest in the male meat market, eh I mean combine.

I don’t feel a need to watch these guys (many of whom have no necks anyways) trying to demonstrate their abilities, both physical and mental to play the game. However, I do find it amusing since the players are basically running around in their underwear. Why?

Because so often women are running around in their underwear and appraised as to their abilities based on looks. It would be awesome if this had more of this for guys to have to go through, but the combine can be enough for now. Should you choose to watch the prancing around of men in their underwear.


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