The Myth Of Football

Football is the only sport or activity that some life lessons can be learned

cartoon_football-956That is a bullshit mantra said over and over by a lot of NFL players and coaches. It is also said by some parents who are justifying allowing their kids to play the game. Before I go further, I should say I like football. I enjoy watching the brutality of it. But I hardly think that some life lessons can only be learned via playing football. Continue reading

The Male Meat Market

The NFL combine has been happening the past few days. If you aren’t familiar with this “event” it is basically where all these potential NFL players go and workout for scouts. In addition to the workouts (how fast can you run 40 yards?) the players also meet with various people and get asked tons of questions. The questions range all over the place. The other day when I was listening to sports talk radio, former NFL player, Matt Bowen said he was even asked to talk a priest!

Most people I talk to don’t really care much about such things as the combine. However, there is a large contingent of fans out there that does. I have even heard of some of them planning work around catching the combine so they too can scout who their team should draft. Personally, I have zero interest in the male meat market, eh I mean combine.

I don’t feel a need to watch these guys (many of whom have no necks anyways) trying to demonstrate their abilities, both physical and mental to play the game. However, I do find it amusing since the players are basically running around in their underwear. Why?

Because so often women are running around in their underwear and appraised as to their abilities based on looks. It would be awesome if this had more of this for guys to have to go through, but the combine can be enough for now. Should you choose to watch the prancing around of men in their underwear.

I Think I’m a Football Fan Again

I am not “really” a football girl. I can watch and understand what’s happening. If I am watching with other hard-core football fans, I won’t annoy them with questions while they try to enjoy the game.

Basically, I have knowledge of the game but not nearly to the extent I do baseball or even hockey. And because of this, if friends want me to come watch the game with them, I can and have a great time while doing so.

This season however, I feel like something odd has happened. I am *almost* back to being an actual football fan. This is news to even me. I think the whole lockout was the culprit to bringing me back as well as some of my wonderful friends and colleagues at Aerys Sports Continue reading


The NFL lockout is about to end, once the players vote to accept the new deal. Our long national nightmare can finally end. As a sports-loving person, I can understand how fans have been clamoring about when this will end so that they can get back to obsessing about their favorite sport. If my favorites were headed for a work-stoppage, I am sure I’d be just as annoyed.

At the same time though the way people are keeping tabs on the lockout is a bit puzzling to me when I consider some of the other issues going on in the world today. In Oslo, Norway, there was a bombing and it took a long time before major news organizations in the US picked up on the story. Well, MSNBC was talking about it fairly quickly. It was only later that CNN or the other networks picked up on the story. That kind of stuff infuriates me. Then again, when I am looking for relevant news, I am usually forced to look at news sources not based in the US.

This kind of stuff really makes me think about what we value in society. For me, the biggest indicator of what we think is valuable is pay for work. I’m usually thinking of this when it comes to what we pay teachers to educate society’s children. Many people I talk to think that teachers are overpaid. They also believe they are paid a salary based upon 12 months out of a year, even though the teachers only work nine months. I’ve even met one person who was incredulous that he knew a teacher made the same amount of money that he made, despite the fact that he felt he was clearly more educated, having a law degree. Continue reading

New Adventures

So . . . for the past month or so, I have been sitting on big news for me and I have been DYING to talk about it.  Well, I finally can and my big news is that is that I am going to be joining the network of blogs!!!  You can read more about it here, from founder Julie DiCaro. I am really excited to be doing this and I will be covering none other than the White Sox!  I hope you all get a chance to check it out once we launch on February 1, 2011.  Rest assured, I will continue to post things here, such as the long awaited post on sports learnin’ that I have been meaning to get around to.  And who knows, I might even get my fangirl hat on and go to SoxFest 2011 this year.  We shall see.

This is a really cool thing for me because of the purpose behind it, and to be included in the 30 women so far who will be writing about sports is amazing.  I can’t wait for you to read their work in addition to what I have been writing.

In the mean time, keep reading things here and as things progress with G9, I will be sure to keep you updated on what is happening!  Of course, you can always follow me on Twitter for the latest happenings with a girl’s perspective and G9sports.

We are still looking for female writers who know their stuff to cover ALL the teams in NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.  And it is not just a midwest sports thing, so if you live on the coasts or know some fans of teams on the coasts, contact me so we can bring you on board.  We could really use some Red Sox and Yankee loving ladies (with baseball season fast approaching).  There will also be coverage of the various college teams as well.

I just don’t get it

Now that baseball is in the post season, most people i know are very much into football at the moment.  I have a few friends who are into hockey, but given the slow the start the Blackhawks are off to, most of the sports talk is about football.  At one point in time, I actually had a huge working knowledge of football and was a huge Bears fan.  I would have been able to carry on a conversation about football to the same extent that I can baseball.  However, now, I am not so much interested in football anymore.  Not because of some sort of dislike of violence (have ya watched a hockey game lately and seen some of the vicious hits those guys take), but because I find it dull.

Due to this new-found boredom of watching football I can root for whoever you tell me to.  I will often go to bars to watch games because I am *that* fan who will yell at the tv at players who do dumb things.  Not normally a problem except my upstairs neighbors are elderly and probably hate hearing me yell for dumb things that happen on the ice, the football field or the baseball field.  So as a courtesy to them, I give them the occasional break from my yelling and watch at a bar.  Because I have very little interest in football, I have actually seen more than my fare share of Packers games with some friends who are Packers fans.  So many in fact, that I know most of the Packers cheers even though I grew up in an area that was decidedly Bears country.

All of that is fine and good except that I don’t understand college football (passion — i understand the game perfectly well) and the madness that accompanies those games.  This may be because I missed out on that fun from college.  I went to DePaul University and we did not have a football team.  During football season, my school got a little “nutso” in the head and would root for Notre Dame during football season.  I suppose mainly because it was the closest catholic school with a decent football program (although, that is hugely debatable).  In any event, all love for Notre Dame ended when it was basketball season because the Blue Demons do actually have a basketball team (although, there is tons of work to do to make that program great again).

If I were a college football fan, then I should be a Fighting Irish fan.  Personally I never became a fan of Notre Dame because I thought it was dumb to root for them just because of my school’s lack of a football team, the whole catholic school connection and because of my waning interest in football.  Due to this, I never understood the whole devotion of saturdays to college football games and wondering who was ranked where and who was going to be in the BCS title game.  However, lately, I have found myself expanding my horizons and occasionally watching games.  And of all the teams to be interested in following, I have been interested in the University of Michigan Wolverines.  I have to blame this on the fact that I know many people who went to Michigan and because one of the beat writers for the White Sox went to Michigan as well.  That alone wouldn’t really do it to make me have a passing interest in Michigan.  However this writer will also talk about the many White Sox players who have ties to Michigan.  And if White Sox players are involved, somehow I find a bit more interest in something.  As some people know, somehow many things I do in life somehow will relate back to the White Sox.  I suppose that makes sense as to why I have a passing interest in Michigan.  Although for picking a random team to follow, Michigan State would make a bit more sense since my sister went to school there and I actually own a sweatshirt from that school.

My biggest reason for just not understanding the whole college football experience is probably because of knowing so many people who root for teams that they have ZERO connection to.  Or those who spend so much time rooting for their alma mater that I wonder if they have lives outside of keeping up with what their college teams did.  I suppose the same could be said of my sports obsessions (White Sox, Blackhawks), but in my mind those are justified because they are professional teams as opposed to college.  But the college games are a HUGE business, so maybe they are equal in some regard minus the college players getting paid.

Anyway, I am going to try to just enjoy it for what it is and not necessarily root for anyone, but at least see who might be the next great players in the NFL may be one day.  And I won’t let anyone in on my dirty little secret when it comes to discussing football with many hardcore fans 🙂


I love animals.  I would love to have a dog, preferably a beagle because I find those dogs to be very cute.  Maybe even a cat, although I am probably more of a dog person.  I don’t have a dog however because I live in an apartment building where the only pets allowed are cats.  (Cue the sad face . . . ) Oh, and there is the whole not being home much.  I feel that if I had a pet, it would be cruel and unusual punishment to never be around my pet and was neglecting it.  And as you probably know from reading this blog, I love sports.  A great deal.

So why would a girl’s perspective on a boy’s game need to talk about animals and sports?  Two words:  Michael Vick.  In case you don’t know who he is, Michael Vick is the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.  He also was convicted of federal felony charges (in connection with a plea agreement) for an illegal interstate dog fighting ring.  He ended up serving 21 months in federal prison and then later being on home confinement.  Dog fighting is a disgusting practice (in my opinion) that is big in some Latin American countries as a hobby for some to enjoy.  Those who engage in dog fighting can earn big bucks.  In any event what ever the reasons people enjoy it, I find it deplorable and it makes me enjoy a song even more because I do think most times animals end up suffering because of us humans.

This is all relevant because in week 4 of the NFL season, Vick was given the starting qb job for the Eagles.  Earlier in the young season, Kevin Kolb got hurt and was taken out of the game.  At the time, the Eagles were playing fairly bad and when Vick came in to relieve Kolb, the team went on a bit of a “tear” and started to look good.  In fact, Vick looked really good and the questions came up as to how the team could go back to Kolb if Vick played that well continually.  Especially if the team wanted, to you know, WIN.  In the game against Washington, Vick took a pretty bad hit that left him with bruised ribs.  At first it appeared that he had a broken collar bone and possibly a much worse injury.  When this happened, my twitter time line exploded with comments about Vick getting what he deserved, would he be taken out back and shot, dog killer, dog murderer, etc.

As much as the next person is disgusted by what Vick did, I am extremely annoyed with all of the continued bashing about what he did.  In no way do I excuse what was done, but from what I can see, it seems more people are concerned and railing about what happened with what Vick did than what some other players in the NFL have done to ACTUAL PEOPLE.  If you follow much football news, you probably know that one of the names the NFL has aside from what it actually means is that it is the “No Fun League.”  Roger Goodell, the commissioner tends to come down fairly harshly on players when they engage in conduct that is not what the league wants to reflect to the public.  Personally, some of the punishments he hands down I find downright ridiculous as it seems to do nothing as a behavior modification or deterrent.  Other times, I don’t think he comes down hard enough on players for things. And let’s be honest, the people who tend to play football at the professional level are probably not the most upstanding people there are.

Anyway, if people are going to be vitriolic with regard to Michael Vick’s behavior, I wish they would show the same level, if not more for when there are situations where NFL players have beaten, raped, etc. their wives and / or girlfriends.  I don’t see extreme anger or anyone saying they wish that Dante Stallworth was run over by a semi.  Stallworth was convicted of manslaughter when he struck and killed a pedestrian in Florida.  I also haven’t heard for people calling for Ben Roethlisberger to get a much longer suspension than what he got.  Big Ben as Roethlisberger is known has been involved in a few incidents of allegedly forcing himself on a couple of women.  No charges were brought in his most recent incident due to not enough evidence to pursue criminal charges.  One incident of assaulting women, I could buy that as a woman potentially looking for 15 minutes of fame.  But multiple incidents, then i think says to me that something is very, very wrong.  The latest incident that led to his suspension to start the 2010 – 2011 NFL season combined with the other situations he has been involved in, make me wish people were a bit angrier.  Instead, it seems that when he has done such things, people just shrug their shoulders and figure “boys will be boys” and go about their day.

I realize that there is a huge difference between Vick and Big Ben in that Vick was convicted and did prison time.  But the lack of outrage by people irritates me because it seems that suddenly animals and their well being is FAR more important than women being assaulted.   This thoroughly disgusts me.  As I have said, I love animals and I do think that animals a lot of times are hurt and harmed because of people.  But when it gets to the point where people feel a need to go ape-shit when an animal is hurt and shrug their shoulders when a HUMAN BEING is hurt, then I wonder where our priorities have gotten screwed up.  It is really that much of a stretch to say that punishment for hurting a human by beating or raping the person is LESS outrageous than a dog that has been harmed?  Because when people are more upset about an animal than a person, that seems to be the message sent.

In all honestly, I would really like to see people get more outraged when an NFL player beats the crap out of his girlfriend or wife than if a player harms an animal.  Not to mention, Michael Vick has SERVED TIME IN PRISON for what he did.  If he has repaid his debt to society, can’t people be angry, but realize that the continued trashing is unnecessary?  Be angry, but show the same level or anger for the other stuff!  Especially when humans being harmed are just given a shoulder shrug as if it is as normal as breathing?  When I see people getting as annoyed, pissed off and angry about the humans who are killed, beaten and possibly raped, then I can get on board with being angry with Michael Vick.  Until then, I really wish people would just drop the wishing of Michael Vick harm.  Or at least get just as ape-shit crazy when humans are hurt.