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Sometimes, there are just too many questions that come to mind. Mostly they have to do with how the world operates and my interactions with others in the world. Unfortunately, if I ever “get” answers to these questions I have they are never satisfactory answers. The answers usually make no sense. Maybe one day I will get answers that make sense, but for now, here are the various questions that bother me. Please keep in mind the “you” is just a general term and not at anyone specifically:

  • Why does it matter to you who someone else loves?
  • How does who someone else loves affect your life?
  • Just because someone else loves someone you don’t approve of (and you don’t know either person) why do you feel a need to condemn those people?
  • Do you really believe that some people shouldn’t have access to medical care?
  • If someone needs medical care and cannot pay for it, do you think they should just suffer because they happened to be in a position that doesn’t allow for payment now?
  • Why do you think that what you believe is the only way and that if people don’t believe as you do, they need to be condemned and hurt?
  • Where is there proof that cutting taxes creates jobs?
  • Is there an amount where you can say, “yeah, you have too much money and don’t need more”?
  • Why is it when you get older, you suddenly can no longer tolerate the cold?
  • Is it ever too easy to qualify for the Boston Marathon?
  • Why do people who generally do horrible things and are generally considered horrible people by others always seem to catch the breaks in life?
  • Why is science viewed as a bad thing by so many?
  • Why are so many people delusional that they will one day be whatever they aspire to when if you look at the cold hard facts, the aspirations are not going to come true?
  • Why are cable companies afraid to let people pick what they want in a viewing package a la carte? Continue reading


The NFL lockout is about to end, once the players vote to accept the new deal. Our long national nightmare can finally end. As a sports-loving person, I can understand how fans have been clamoring about when this will end so that they can get back to obsessing about their favorite sport. If my favorites were headed for a work-stoppage, I am sure I’d be just as annoyed.

At the same time though the way people are keeping tabs on the lockout is a bit puzzling to me when I consider some of the other issues going on in the world today. In Oslo, Norway, there was a bombing and it took a long time before major news organizations in the US picked up on the story. Well, MSNBC was talking about it fairly quickly. It was only later that CNN or the other networks picked up on the story. That kind of stuff infuriates me. Then again, when I am looking for relevant news, I am usually forced to look at news sources not based in the US.

This kind of stuff really makes me think about what we value in society. For me, the biggest indicator of what we think is valuable is pay for work. I’m usually thinking of this when it comes to what we pay teachers to educate society’s children. Many people I talk to think that teachers are overpaid. They also believe they are paid a salary based upon 12 months out of a year, even though the teachers only work nine months. I’ve even met one person who was incredulous that he knew a teacher made the same amount of money that he made, despite the fact that he felt he was clearly more educated, having a law degree. Continue reading