Sometimes, there are just too many questions that come to mind. Mostly they have to do with how the world operates and my interactions with others in the world. Unfortunately, if I ever “get” answers to these questions I have they are never satisfactory answers. The answers usually make no sense. Maybe one day I will get answers that make sense, but for now, here are the various questions that bother me. Please keep in mind the “you” is just a general term and not at anyone specifically:

  • Why does it matter to you who someone else loves?
  • How does who someone else loves affect your life?
  • Just because someone else loves someone you don’t approve of (and you don’t know either person) why do you feel a need to condemn those people?
  • Do you really believe that some people shouldn’t have access to medical care?
  • If someone needs medical care and cannot pay for it, do you think they should just suffer because they happened to be in a position that doesn’t allow for payment now?
  • Why do you think that what you believe is the only way and that if people don’t believe as you do, they need to be condemned and hurt?
  • Where is there proof that cutting taxes creates jobs?
  • Is there an amount where you can say, “yeah, you have too much money and don’t need more”?
  • Why is it when you get older, you suddenly can no longer tolerate the cold?
  • Is it ever too easy to qualify for the Boston Marathon?
  • Why do people who generally do horrible things and are generally considered horrible people by others always seem to catch the breaks in life?
  • Why is science viewed as a bad thing by so many?
  • Why are so many people delusional that they will one day be whatever they aspire to when if you look at the cold hard facts, the aspirations are not going to come true?
  • Why are cable companies afraid to let people pick what they want in a viewing package a la carte?
  • Why has society become so impatient to the point that if things do not happen instantaneously, it is deemed a failure? This despite that realistically everyone knows some things just take time to happen?
  • Why are some people afraid to be alone with their own company and in turn, will foist those fears on to other people?
  • Why are more people not angry with the way our food is produced in this country?
  • Why are people so unwilling to pay for quality?
  • Why do some people want everything to be cheap and yet of a high quality?
  • Why do some people think it is okay for roughly 400 mostly middle-aged white men to tell over half the population what to do with their bodies? This despite that group of mostly middle-aged white men not being doctors?
  • Why do we constantly say we value education and that it is important, yet we refuse to fund it properly?
  • Why can’t anyone get the ratio of cheese and sauce just right on a pizza?
  • Why are taxes so bad? Police protection, fire protection and public education is all supported by tax money.
  • If taxes are so evil, can those who wish not to pay them not pay them? Then when those people need police protection, fire protection and want their children educated via the public school system, can we make sure those people pay for those services first before they get them? Because obviously, not wanting to participate in the system of paying taxes for these services means they shouldn’t get them right? Unless they pay for them of course. And if they say they cannot pay for the services up front, then how about they not get them?
  • What exactly do CEOs, etc do that warrant the salaries that many of them command?
  • Why is vacation such a terrible thing?
  • Why do companies work people so hard that employees are afraid to take time off even when sick (and thus make their co-workers sick)?
  • Why do people always assume that single people have no life and therefore should be made to stay at work so those who “have families” can get home to them and take care of them? Why are single people viewed as sorry individuals because they are not paired up?
  • If we supposedly value things like education, why are we unwilling to pay for it? I.e. we say we think education is important, yet in the very next sentence say that teachers are overpaid. I thought that if you pay what you think the value of something is. If that is the case, then I don’t think we as a society value education all that much. If we did, then we’d be ready to pay for the value to get it and make sure it is good.
  • Why is it that it seems that people who are religious and don’t get their way feel that they are being persecuted for not getting their way? Especially when some of the religious people are very keen on making sure that others believe what they do?

Just a few of the questions I have on a regular basis. Of course, if anyone actually has a real answer to the questions, I would love to hear them. Anytime, I ask someone who has these strong views and the answers are never satisfactory. Usually an answer of “I just do” won’t cut it. Especially if it is in condemning others for not believing what you believe. Oh well. I guess life wouldn’t be interesting if I did not have such questions to contemplate.


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