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Bars & Children

Every once in a while, I will go to a bar to watch sporting events. Sure, there are times when I will go just to hang out, but generally, it is for purposes of watching a sporting event. In June, it ends up that I go to watch the Stanley Cup finals and at other times, it might be because I want to watch my football team play on television. I could watch at home, but sometimes, it is just more fun to go out and do this.

However, at times when I am trying to enjoy a sporting event at a bar, it is ruined by people who think it is cute and appropriate to bring their children to the bar. I’d like to think these people know this isn’t right, but given how often I see it, perhaps they don’t know. Or they do know but think because they now have children, the world should bow to their and the kids’ whims on how to behave now. Continue reading


Can’t Best Them All

Recently, I have had a couple of absolutely terrible races. Part of it due to weather and part of it due to just not being as ready as I should be.

Last month, I ran the Soldier Field 10-mile race. It was my first time doing the race. It should have been the second time, but last year I had to bow out of the race due to an absolutely horrible headache that prevented me from running.

This year, I talked a friend into running the race with me and meeting up with her before and after the race was fun. But the race itself was the worst race I have ever done. It was just terrible.

Not due to any organization problems (those make me despise races and never want to do them again) or course issues. No, this was my absolute worst race because my wonderful friend calf cramps came back to haunt me.

I kind of knew I might be in trouble as I was awakened in the middle of the night by a cramp in my calf. I was hoping it would just be a night thing and not bother me during the race. Continue reading

Backhanded Compliments

Was that a compliment? Should I take it as a compliment.

Random guy fan at Orioles game: Take him out of the Game! Can’t you see he sucks. Ozzie he just is killing us and has been bad all year long. He’s got no wins!

Me: Well, the offense hasn’t done anything and you can’t really blame Danks too much right now.

RG: Yeah, I guess so.

Me: Um, hum, especially since he’s pitched far superior than that. Wins aren’t everything you know.

RG: Huh. So you seem to really know a lot about baseball. That’s cool.

Continue reading

A Profound Sadness

Lately, I have been feeling restless and a bit lost in what I want to do with myself. Work is not exactly what I want to be doing, though it pays the bills and keeps me off the dole. Fortunately, baseball season has beginning so I have that to look forward to as well as perk me up. Speaking of sports, recently there have been some things happening that are making a lot of female sports fans and women in general feel lesser and marginalized by our society.

Earlier in the year, MLB sponsored a contest to find the ultimate fan. This person would be in a decked out place and watch all 2,000+ games this baseball season. As part of this, the winner would write a blog about the experience as well as use social media to talk and promote it. The winner was announced and it turns out to be two guys who have on-stage and acting experience. This is all fine and dandy. At first I thought, ok cool for them. Then as more details emerged, it started to make me sad. Continue reading

New Adventures

So . . . for the past month or so, I have been sitting on big news for me and I have been DYING to talk about it.  Well, I finally can and my big news is that is that I am going to be joining the G9sports.com network of blogs!!!  You can read more about it here, from founder Julie DiCaro. I am really excited to be doing this and I will be covering none other than the White Sox!  I hope you all get a chance to check it out once we launch on February 1, 2011.  Rest assured, I will continue to post things here, such as the long awaited post on sports learnin’ that I have been meaning to get around to.  And who knows, I might even get my fangirl hat on and go to SoxFest 2011 this year.  We shall see.

This is a really cool thing for me because of the purpose behind it, and to be included in the 30 women so far who will be writing about sports is amazing.  I can’t wait for you to read their work in addition to what I have been writing.

In the mean time, keep reading things here and as things progress with G9, I will be sure to keep you updated on what is happening!  Of course, you can always follow me on Twitter for the latest happenings with a girl’s perspective and G9sports.

We are still looking for female writers who know their stuff to cover ALL the teams in NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.  And it is not just a midwest sports thing, so if you live on the coasts or know some fans of teams on the coasts, contact me so we can bring you on board.  We could really use some Red Sox and Yankee loving ladies (with baseball season fast approaching).  There will also be coverage of the various college teams as well.

So many things

Wow, it has been a busy 24 hours with my White Sox. First there were the comments from Mark Buehrle on the end of this coming season and what he might do after next season. Then, Paul Konerko held a mini presser with media before tonight’s game to discuss his impending free agency. On top of that, ESPN has announced it is coming out with a station for WOMEN. I have so many thoughts on these issues and if I write about them all, it would be one really long post. So, for now, I will give you a taste of my opinions on these things with much more in-depth though in later posts coming this weekend. (because i really am trying to keep up with the blogging and start doing it regularly).

On Buehrle: I don’t begrudge him contemplating retirement, but I did hear some stuff on sports talk radio that he was being a whiny guy for walking away from it if he does given how the economy is right now for a lot of working people.  That was an interesting debate to listen to and frankly those who “don’t want to hear it” from Buehrle, I can see where they may get that from, but I think their irritation is misplaced. Particularly given some of the reasons that Buehrle has given as to why he could potentially hang it up after his current contract ends.

On the Beloved Paul Konerko:  He is such a classy guy on the field and seems that way off the field.  I won’t go so far as to say he is, because 1) i don’t know him and 2) i don’t want to live in a fantasy totally in believing he is a great guy when he just might not be and hides it well.  Please don’t misunderstand that I am slamming him because I LOVE Paul Konerko, the first baseman for the White Sox for the past dozen years.  I just have to be realistic about how a guy may be off the field and how I am not privy to how he may behave otherwise.  His comments on pending free agency are understandable, especially given the fact that no one knows what direction the team is going and if he is indeed tired of the off the field drama that has occurred this season, I can’t blame him for wanting to go to an organization that doesn’t have those issues.  If he chooses to not come back to the White Sox, I would be sad, but completely understand.  I am so thankful for his years of service and the entertainment he has provided me since he has been a member of this team.

On ESPN Women:  Dear 4-letter network buffoons:  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?  Are you now implying that women aren’t smart enough to watch your regular networks?  Are you implying that you need to have a channel focusing on women so you can show stupid commercials, pink up the viewing, etc. to get women to watch?  Am I not allowed to watch your regular stuff and understand?  This has got to be the dumbest idea ever.  I suppose I could “give” it a shot, but really I am just feeling insulted that somehow I need to have my sports catered to me, in the same way that clothing manufacturers figure that if they make my favorite teams’ attire in pink, I will happily buy & wear it.  Never mind that 1) my team’s colors are NOT pink and 2) I want to wear my team colors in flattering sizing!

Those are my very brief initial thoughts on the day’s news that struck me.  In the next couple of days, I will have much longer posts on each of these things and hopefully, I can reconcile my feelings with what has been said and discussed.