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Can’t Best Them All

Recently, I have had a couple of absolutely terrible races. Part of it due to weather and part of it due to just not being as ready as I should be.

Last month, I ran the Soldier Field 10-mile race. It was my first time doing the race. It should have been the second time, but last year I had to bow out of the race due to an absolutely horrible headache that prevented me from running.

This year, I talked a friend into running the race with me and meeting up with her before and after the race was fun. But the race itself was the worst race I have ever done. It was just terrible.

Not due to any organization problems (those make me despise races and never want to do them again) or course issues. No, this was my absolute worst race because my wonderful friend calf cramps came back to haunt me.

I kind of knew I might be in trouble as I was awakened in the middle of the night by a cramp in my calf. I was hoping it would just be a night thing and not bother me during the race. Continue reading


Full on Panic

That is how I woke up on a crisp, yet sunny Friday morning. In less than 24 hours, I will be running in my biggest race of the year. The Soldier Field 10 mile.

Why the panic? Mostly because I feel so unprepared for the race. I’ve also been scattered with writing stuff and busy with work related things. All stuff that is making me miss out on precious sleep.

The good news for the day is that I only have to put in a few hours at the office. Then I can spend my afternoon relaxing. Maybe take in a yoga class later to calm myself down.

Work better fly by and the weather better stay nice. Tomorrow will be go because I say it will be. Hopefully I find out that I’m actually over prepared for the run.