Bars & Children

Every once in a while, I will go to a bar to watch sporting events. Sure, there are times when I will go just to hang out, but generally, it is for purposes of watching a sporting event. In June, it ends up that I go to watch the Stanley Cup finals and at other times, it might be because I want to watch my football team play on television. I could watch at home, but sometimes, it is just more fun to go out and do this.

However, at times when I am trying to enjoy a sporting event at a bar, it is ruined by people who think it is cute and appropriate to bring their children to the bar. I’d like to think these people know this isn’t right, but given how often I see it, perhaps they don’t know. Or they do know but think because they now have children, the world should bow to their and the kids’ whims on how to behave now.

This isn’t to say that all devil spawn are poorly behaved. Actually some are remarkably well-behaved. The bigger problem comes because Mom and Dad are trying to protect the devil spawn from rowdy adults. Adults who are at the bar and might say some things that Mom and Dad think are inappropriate for their precious devil spawn to hear. Like the fan who gets mad because the quarterback threw a pick 6 and just cost his team the game. So the fan in his frustration lets a string of expletives fly from the mouth. And suddenly, Mom and Dad are giving the fan and others around dirty looks and eventually might say something to the fan. Because they don’t want precious Devil Spawn to hear such things.

On the surface, this might seem like inconsiderate adults who are just behaving badly. Why does a person need to use such language or behave in such a way that causes others to look at them funny? Then again, it could be viewed as why should adults suddenly have to watch what they say when they are watching (and probably have been drinking) a sporting event in a bar? A place that serves adult beverages. You have to expect that if you go to a place like that, you are going to run into some people who are using some salty language.

Unfortunately, because we are in a society that is all about coddling Devil Spawn and letting them be exposed to NOTHING that might be bad, some people are left to now trying to find bars that will kick the parents and their Devil Spawn to the curb if they try to come in.

I get it. You want to enjoy a night out. You want to go to a place that serves adult beverages yourself and enjoy them. That is totally ok. What isn’t ok is when you insist upon bringing the Devil Spawn.

But, I have the right to go where I want to, you say! Sure you do. But I also have the right to be in a place that is kid-free. But I should be able to expose my kids to many things in the world. Oh, yes, yes you do. But I also have the right to not be subjected to your devil spawn. There are plenty of places you can go with your devil spawn that are already kid friendly. You know, places like parks and playgrounds. Hell, there are even devil spawn-friendly restaurants where I’m sure you can order an adult beverage if you like.

But I hate to break this sad and terrible news to you, but here goes nothing. Not everyone (in fact, I’d say most people) thinks your Devil Spawn is adorable. Some people don’t even like Devil Spawn or want them in their lives. While you may think your Devil Spawn is the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel, someone needs to inform you that, no, Devil Spawn is not really all that special. To you, yes Devil Spawn is amazing. I’m sure that everything Devil Spawn does is amazing for you to see. But others have a been there / done that attitude about Devil Spawn. And some just don’t care about Devil Spawn because they do not like them. No matter who they belong to. Crazy? No, because it is okay to not like kids.

Sadly (for you) because not everyone feels as you do about your Devil Spawn, that makes it all the more annoying when you insist upon trying to make the world conform to the whims of Devil Spawn and what you want to do with Devil Spawn. Sometimes, adults just want to be around other adults. Even YOU have those thoughts and want a break from your Devil Spawn.

So spare society and give it a rest. STOP your going your Devil Spawn to the bar. If you want to hit up the bar, get a baby sitter to watch your kids. Or drink at home where you can watch your child and ensure the kid isn’t exposed to things you aren’t ready for in the real world. But for the love of all that is sacred, holy, and good, STOP making people who have come to the bar for adult entertainment feel bad and have to change their behavior because you are too selfish to recognize that kids don’t belong in bars, which are places for ADULTS and not kids!


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