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Bars & Children

Every once in a while, I will go to a bar to watch sporting events. Sure, there are times when I will go just to hang out, but generally, it is for purposes of watching a sporting event. In June, it ends up that I go to watch the Stanley Cup finals and at other times, it might be because I want to watch my football team play on television. I could watch at home, but sometimes, it is just more fun to go out and do this.

However, at times when I am trying to enjoy a sporting event at a bar, it is ruined by people who think it is cute and appropriate to bring their children to the bar. I’d like to think these people know this isn’t right, but given how often I see it, perhaps they don’t know. Or they do know but think because they now have children, the world should bow to their and the kids’ whims on how to behave now. Continue reading

Random Thoughts

frog at the atl conservatoryAfter a recent session with my trainer, I got to thinking about all the random and strange thoughts that go through my head. It came up because she said she had on her to-do list to read one of my other blog posts. And a lot of the strange thoughts that I have occur in the gym because I do a great deal of people watching there and when you are on the treadmill, sometimes your mind just wanders.

Granted, many of the thoughts are just way out there and could possibly explain a whole lot about me, but here goes. Some of the strange thoughts I have: Continue reading

I Think I’m a Football Fan Again

I am not “really” a football girl. I can watch and understand what’s happening. If I am watching with other hard-core football fans, I won’t annoy them with questions while they try to enjoy the game.

Basically, I have knowledge of the game but not nearly to the extent I do baseball or even hockey. And because of this, if friends want me to come watch the game with them, I can and have a great time while doing so.

This season however, I feel like something odd has happened. I am *almost* back to being an actual football fan. This is news to even me. I think the whole lockout was the culprit to bringing me back as well as some of my wonderful friends and colleagues at Aerys Sports Continue reading