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F^€¥ you, Cheryl

Monday March 24, 2014 was a “long” day for me. I had two SPIN classes to teach as well as a TRX class. It was pretty fun to have a full morning of classes. I was also supposed to run five miles, but as has happened all year, my running has taken a bit of a back seat to teaching classes. Anyway, that day was one where I could say, why yes I have done my job as a group fitness instructor.

The first class of the day was really great. We did what I label as the “hardest ride ever” which consisted of nothing but hills with some sprints sprinkled in for good measure. There were times I even thought, um, WHY am I doing this? Nevertheless, the class did it quite well and had a good time.

Then, it was off to teach at my “home” club of Lincoln Square Athletic Club. I’m always a bit nervous teaching there because I am around it so much doing my own thing and I know a lot of the people. Because I know so many, part of me feels I need to really step up my game because I know members talk to each other about how an instructor is. In any event, we did another tough ride, but with fewer hills comparatively however we still had some sprints. Continue reading


Don’t Tell me to Smile

You should smile. You would look so much better if you smiled. How come whenever I see you, you are never smiling? You should smile more.

That is stuff that I would hear regularly from a used to be “friend.” And quite honestly, it pissed me off to no end. Enough so that I can say good riddance to that person being in my life. At times, I think I suffer from resting bitch face. And even if I don’t, I feel how I feel and don’t feel a need to put on a facade to please someone who can’t handle others not being bubbly and smiling 24/ 7.  Continue reading

The Myth Of Football

Football is the only sport or activity that some life lessons can be learned

cartoon_football-956That is a bullshit mantra said over and over by a lot of NFL players and coaches. It is also said by some parents who are justifying allowing their kids to play the game. Before I go further, I should say I like football. I enjoy watching the brutality of it. But I hardly think that some life lessons can only be learned via playing football. Continue reading