I Believe Her Now

she believes in me, so now i will start to believe

she believes in me, so now i will start to believe

Several months ago, I talked about how my trainer says I am an athlete and I did not think that was the case. At the time, I had only recently come to the realization that I am a runner. But an athlete? No way. I don’t think I look like one. At least not someone who I would consider as an athlete.

However, after these past few weeks, I believe her now. I officially had the realization Sunday after a tough spinning workout. That ride was probably the hardest I have ever done in my years of taking such classes. I managed to keep up in it and while leaving it all on the bike, feel like I could do more.

I am in better shape than I think, which is something I have to keep reminding myself of. That started last week when I took a new class for the first time and was keeping up. Then I did the really hard spinning class. Afterward, I ran and it felt good. This despite my legs feeling like jello.

Saturday I went on a “long” run and I was actually faster than I had been of late. Finally, I did the spinning ride again and felt even stronger. Afterward when I was on my way home from the gym, it hit me that I am an athlete.

I’ve been training my body the past year to do more than I could have imagined. Or I should say, I am finally getting to where I could be but never really committed to do in the past. And I relish seeing where I can go in the coming year. Last year’s focus was on completing the marathon. Next year, I’m going to work on speed and strength. Given how this past year has gone, I have no doubt I will get there. Especially if Stephanie says so because, well, I believe what she says 🙂


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