Come With Me

He said in such a seductive voice. “Come with me.” And so we obediently went with him as he asked us to add a little more resistance to the wheel because we were ready to tackle the hill.

Come with me is what he said as he gestured with his hand for us to come out of the saddle and go to a standing climb from the seated climb we were previously in. Then he motioned with his hand to indicate where our hearts rate was and where he wanted us to take them. Those were the little things he did to make the ride so delicious.

Complete craziness? Maybe, but when someone says such things to you in such a seductive manner, you cannot help but blindly go along and do as you have been asked. This is what happened to me in a particular SPIN instructor’s classes.

And I’ll be honest, I felt no shame in telling him I was now a groupie of his Spinning® classes. The first time I took this instructor’s class, it was a ride of endurance. A 75-minute class and probably about 70 minutes of it were in the saddle. Those can be tough rides if you’re not used to the saddle.

When I took that 75-minute class, I was slowly getting back into my regular groove of taking Spinning® classes. An endurance ride was something I had needed since I wanted to work on going at a steady state and lower in the heart rate zone. It was a perfect class to take and the instructor was the perfect person to teach it.

After that class, I felt amazingly energized and ready to take on the big challenges I had the following day. Two days after that initial class, I took this instructor’s class again. I had to make sure I signed up early to ensure I would get a bike in his class because it was going to be a full one

And it was. I’m pretty sure there was a waiting list that day. Fortunately, I was there in plenty of time to get a bike. Many others came early as well. Some in the back had interesting looks on their faces as they rode in that class. After that second class, one member even told this instructor how “enchanting” (that was not the word used however) he was to people in the class. And it fit because while that ride was tough, he just had a way of making us go with him that made the ride one of the best ones ever.

Now that I am an instructor myself, I can say I have stolen some things from this guy. Whether I will be a seductive and enchanting will be seen. But, I can always take his class to experience a ride where I willingly go along because it was what was commanded of me to do that day.


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