Focusing and Goals

Questionmark-240x300January 2, 2014 I had my first training session of the year with my trainer and while we were discussing some of my grand scheme goals, the idea of what do I really want to accomplish came up during the session. Before the year started, I already had a running goal in mind. I also had some ideas of things I wanted to accomplish otherwise as well. But now, I need to figure those goals out concretely and figure out a plan of attack.

I suppose the number one goal is to get to the number I have been “dreaming” about on the scale. I’m much closer than I was at the start of last year. And while I should have met that number last year, I’m ok that it didn’t happen. It was aggressive to meet but now I think it can happen.

At my session, we were kind of brainstorming some things I should try to do this year. For instance, one of the things is to go shopping for clothing that is not workout related. I hate shopping and I really desperately need to buy some clothes that fit. Just about everything I own is way too big. However given my past shopping experiences I always dread it because while I may be smaller, things still never fit. So it is beyond frustrating to shop for something new. However, I should probably try to not look like a slob when I am not working out.

I also really, really want to focus on my eating. When I am eating the way I should, I really do feel much better, have more energy and also have to force myself to eat more for my activity level. When I don’t, well, things go badly on how the energy front as well as on the activity level. Now that I am going to be teaching, it is really important that I stay on top of the fuel so that I can continue to do everything I want. Not to mention, I think it is really cool to have cravings for broccoli, carrots and other super healthful foods as opposed to chocolate or other sweets. And before you ask, yes, occasionally I will crave a giant bag of steamed broccoli to eat. In fact my dinner on New Year’s Eve was a bag of steamed broccoli and I loved every bite of it.

In addition to the food, shopping and running goal, I also have some goals to accomplish with teaching. I now have two certifications under my belt and I have three more to get this year. There might be more, but for now, I have three to work toward. I’m working on the third now and hope to work on the other two as soon as I find a workshop that is convenient to do. Finally, there are some personal things that I want to accomplish. I think those can happen once I get my physical activity goals in order. Because feeling good about myself physically will lead to feeling good mentally. Although, when I am taking or teaching a Spinning class, there is a great deal of happiness that is happening.

I really am looking forward to what 2014 will bring and what I will accomplish. In some ways I look back at 2013 and think of all that I didn’t accomplish. But I have to admit, it was a great year especially in the last few months. When I look back at what I did, it is pretty cool how far I managed to come. And 2014 should be even better in that regard.


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