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RIP Orange

This will be a total stream of consciousness, but I just have to tell about grandma. My grandma died early Wednesday morning November 13, 2013. I miss her terribly. She had been sick recently, but only the way that elderly people are sick. I never really thought of her as elderly because she never acted that way. She was just this lady who went about doing her thing. It was always strange to me that she would get a senior citizen discount because she just wasn’t old to me. She didn’t even look like she was anywhere close to being someone 65 years of age or older.

Orange (yes, that is my grandmother’s name) is the reason I love baseball. She was a Cubs fan and just like all the fans before her, never saw them win it all in her lifetime. However, while I saw plenty of Cubs games while growing up, I didn’t become a fan of her favorite team. In fact when I say I saw plenty of games, I mean most of the baseball watching I did as a kid was at her house. And the only things on her television were the Cubs games or her “stories” (i.e., soap operas) and if we were in the house instead of outside, that was the choice of stuff to watch. I’m not so much into daytime soap operas much, but I’m sure if I ever turned one on, it would be the same people I saw as a kid. Continue reading

When Birds Attack

After way too long of a break, I am finally back to running. The break was due to being sick with a cold. Colds in general are bad, but the ones you get in the summertime suck the worst. At first, I thought it was allergies, but sadly it was a cold.

In any event, officially I was back this past weekend when I ran in the Fleet Feet Chicago Women’s 5K and 10K race. Originally, I signed up to do the 10K, but given the high temps and my lack of running, I went down to the 5K race.

All was looking pretty good as I was warming up. Until the bird. I was minding my own business by the area where everyone would be lining up to start the race when this thing came flying into me, was buzzing around, and flitting at me. It was a bird. At first, I wasn’t sure what the hell it was that had started to attack me.

Needless to say, I was sufficiently freaked out. Not knowing what it was, I tried not to swat at it, in case it was something that might kill me. (And in case you are wondering, I consider myself a closeted hypochondriac. Any ache, pain, etc. I immediately think is due to some horrible life-threatening illness.) I managed to turn slightly and the bird went off of me and over to the side of the road. Continue reading