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Looking for Myself

img_0422.jpgWhen I first started teaching Spinning classes, one of the instructors that I team taught with had a ton of feedback for me regarding who I am as an instructor. Sometimes, when you hear you got a ton of feedback and notes, it might seem like a bad thing. As though the reason for the copious amount of notes is due to being bad. However, that was not the case. This time, it was about seeing my potential and wanting to pull it all out right away.

Anyway, a lot of the feedback was regarding showing who I am as a person. Making it known in that short time of guiding people in their ride just exactly who I am as well. Sometimes that can seem hard to do when you don’t want to talk too much. It is as though if you don’t talk, then no one will know you are. And it is important in classes to just shut up at times and let the members do what they need to do. Continue reading


Making Mistakes

20131122-191318.jpgI am a type a / perfectionist type of person. I have gotten better at being less type a, but with some things, I continue to be a perfectionist. Or at least try to be one. I know it isn’t good and that more likely than it ends up with me being frustrated, but I try anyway.

Anyway, today I had an audition for something and it was a good experience. In addition to doing well, I actually made some mistakes. Normally when I “screw up,” I tend to beat myself up about it. However today I was glad my screw ups happened. It was a way for me to learn what not to do when I am doing this stuff for real. Continue reading