Making Mistakes

20131122-191318.jpgI am a type a / perfectionist type of person. I have gotten better at being less type a, but with some things, I continue to be a perfectionist. Or at least try to be one. I know it isn’t good and that more likely than it ends up with me being frustrated, but I try anyway.

Anyway, today I had an audition for something and it was a good experience. In addition to doing well, I actually made some mistakes. Normally when I “screw up,” I tend to beat myself up about it. However today I was glad my screw ups happened. It was a way for me to learn what not to do when I am doing this stuff for real.

The things I did are easy to fix and knowing that I did them will make it so much easier to be “perfect” when I am doing this stuff for real. Which leads to the beauty of making mistakes. At least the beauty of ones that aren’t life-threatening. Making them is just an opportunity to learn and do better next time. If that isn’t achieved, then I guess it isn’t a mistake but instead something else.

I’m still going to be striving for perfection. But at least now I am less fearful of them and know that if I do make them, I will be on my way to being better and dare I say, closer to perfection.


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