20130606-173546.jpgIt is amazing how people who never talk to you on facebook suddenly feel a need to talk or comment on something that is rather gossipy or on things that are really not significant. Post something that is actually important and those same people just shrug their shoulders and have nothing to say.

A while back, I decided to see what my “friends” on facebook would actually comment on. Earlier in the year, I would post awesome news that I had to share and the response was underwhelming to say the least. So, I decided to see just what exactly would get a reaction.

Normally, I don’t actually care to post my relationship status. I figure that those who really care will know if I am dating someone or not because we actually talk on a regular basis whether it is via facebook or *gasp* by phone or in person. So, my status went from nothing to “in a relationship” one day. Within half an hour, I was up to double-digit likes on this update. Then people started to actually comment and wanted details on who was the guy I was seeing and when did all of this happen because clearly some people had missed some things going on in my life.

Granted, I thought the comments coming on that were interesting to say the least. Especially since some were coming from folks who don’t talk to me on a regular (read only if I happen to talk to them first and then only if they deem what I said worthy of a response) basis. Why on earth were they suddenly interested in my life and the happenings? Never mind that if I had actual, real news such as a new job, those same people just shoulder shrugged about it.

To continue seeing what would happen, I then changed things to “it’s complicated.” This because i wanted to see how many people would actually think something was wrong (I don’t believe that a status like that always means things are going south) and because I wanted to see who the gossips were. Sure enough, someone commented. Again, a person who almost NEVER talks to me.

After a while, I thought what the hell and changed it from “it’s complicated to single.” All the sad face icons on this made me cackle. I even had someone ask if I was ok and to let me know you have to go through a bunch of crappy guys to find a good one.

The thing most puzzling is that somehow being single is an awful thing for people. Apparently, people can’t understand that some folks enjoy being single. Such a shame too. It’s as if that is the worst thing that can happen to a person. It is really sad that so many people think that it is such a huge accomplishment to be in a relationship or married.

Even more amusing and puzzling is how so many people seem to think I need to make a grand announcement with regard to who I am dating at the moment. When it comes from people who rarely, if at all, talk to me, then it is even more amusing. Maybe because it is seeing something “new” in the news feed as opposed to the usual pictures of food, kids or whatever the latest story all over the internet is that people feel a need to comment. Or maybe, they are just nosy gossips who only think things are worthy of talking about if it happens to be of the “you’re not single anymore” variety.

In any event, if you don’t talk to me on a regular basis and know what is going on in my life, you probably shouldn’t decide that seeing a relationship status update from me is a reason to try to get all the details about who I am seeing, when I met him and how long we have been dating. Though, in the future if you see a status change or live event on my timeline related to my relationship status and you do wonder “how you missed all of it,” it should be obvious when you recall the last time you had a conversation with me.


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