Women and the Bags

She gets on the train and it is the height of the morning rush hour. She has already hit three people squeezing into the very crowded car. Those she has hit give her dirty looks and others just stare in wonder. What the hell does she need to carry around with her that requires three purses on a daily basis?

Ladies, you need to explain something to me and the rest of the world. WHY do you need to carry multiple purses with you? Is it a fashion stately you’re trying to make by carrying a couple of Coach or LV bags around? It cannot possible be for utility. You may think it is but I, along with the rest of the world, do not believe you.

Being that I am a girl, I should probably understand the bag thing, but I don’t. Probably because I lack that gene that makes women do really bizarre things that only others possessing the gene understand.

In any event, I see y’all with multiple bags. And they are all of the same size. I would guess that 99.9% of what is in each bag you don’t even use during the day. Or even look at it in a week. I only carry one bag and I don’t touch 99.9% of what I carry in it daily.

Is it a security thing? Does it make you feel better knowing that all the crap you’re carrying is at hand? Because if that is the case, you need to find a new security blanket.

Some may think the solution is to consolidate all the bag crap into one big bag. I *might* agree with that except I’ve seen some women carrying numerous big bags with all their crap. And you look just as ridiculous, possibly even more so because it appears you’re carrying around your home with you. Not to mention, the multiple large bag thing only gets your more death stares from other riders on public transit because you only bother to notice you’ve battered someone with your shit because you notice the dirty looks and you very lamely attempt to apologize for it. Because let’s face it, you KNOW your bag didn’t hit a pole but an actual real-live PERSON.

So if you could do the world a solid and explain yourselves and this bag thing, it would be greatly appreciated. Maybe you might get looks of understanding from those you insist upon hitting on the crowded trains with all your crap if we knew what your legitimate reason is for this insanity.


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