Random Thoughts: The Fall Edition

Since I am trying to write a blog post each day this month, it seemed like a good time to do another one on the various random thoughts that go through my head. Nothing in particular other than just the randomness that occurs when I am working out, running, or getting annoyed at work because there are too many chatty men around causing me to be unable to think.

img_0422.jpgSo without further ado, here are some random thoughts:

  • I really need to make time to cook meals for the week. It is so much healthier than going out and prevents me from making bad food choices.
  • There is nothing worse than people who make it a point of not communicating with me who suddenly feel a need to start and then use the most “convenient” excuses ever as to why they stopped in the first place. And continue with those excuses when they subsequently flake.
  • The number of people who put on the heavy winter coat, hat and gloves when the temperature hits 40 makes me cackle. It is NOT cold at that temperature. What are you going to do when it actually is cold????
  • It was really awesome to find out I am one of “those” people who has legs that are super fresh the day after running a marathon.
  • Wearing running / workout clothing that is a bright color is actually kind of fun. Although, if it is pants, that is not a good thing.
  • Marathon taper was a very not fun time. While I experienced taper earlier in the year when I was doing it for a half marathon, it was nothing like the agony of having to chill out right before the marathon
  • I must perpetually have a look of confusion on my face. Had a conversation with someone about running and was asked “do you understand” the advice. This despite it being absolutely crystal clear and anyone would “get” it.
  • People who think anything north of Chicago Ave in Chicago is too far north are the worst. Especially those who live close to the Loop.
  • The most awesome people in the world are those who turn everything that happens, even when it is to someone else, into something about themselves.
  • Pumpkin hater’s worst nightmare: dinner with pumpkin in every dish. A sample menu: Pumpkin hummus, salad tossed with a pumpkin vinaigrette and pepitas, chicken pumpkin stew with cheesy pumpkin biscuits, pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies and topped all off with a pumpkin martini for a beverage. Or maybe pumpkin burgers and pumpkin beer for the main course.
  • I wish I hadn’t been forced into the front row of group exercise classes. But alas, seeing all the people with such bad form that I worry they will injure themselves is too much to deal with when I’m trying to get a good workout in.
  • Who knew the English language was so difficult to comprehend for native speakers . . .
  • Who knew that guys could be a super chatty at times. I thought that was a girl thing . . .
  • Hanukkah falling on Stuff Your Face as Much as Humanly Possible Day in America (Thanksgivikkah) has got to be the coolest celebration ever. Latkes, gelt pie, Star of David pies, a menorah that is the tail of a turkey, nail art that has pilgrims, menorahs and all the other stuff? Worlds colliding
  • Burpees suck!
  • Mountain climbers aren’t so bad. Unless you ask me to do them after I’ve run a few miles.
  • WHY must you maintain an evil look in your eye no matter what? Like, were you born with that?
  • I want to quit. Like a lot of the time I want to quit. But somehow, I keep managing to go on.
  • Water tastes so much better with a Nuun tablet dropped in.
  • People who ask where you get your sports information from if you don’t watch ESPN are really puzzling to me.
  • The new CTA train cars are a mixed thing. Good in that the cars are clean. Bad in that the seats all face in to the center of aisles. Not good if you get motion sick by facing that direction when traveling.
  • If I had to choose, I think I would be better as a Mord-sith than a Confessor. Though I’d be better able to pull off the garments a Confessor wears as opposed to the uniform of a Mord-sith
  • Then again, I’d probably be best as an Aes Sedai. But not of the Red order because those chicks are messed up.
  • Some days, I think it would be fun to sit around singing Sweet as Whole to describe the various people who pass in and out of life. That song is the most polite way ever to tell people something important.
  • I’m sure you don’t mean to, but you are scary. Though you probably think the exact thing of me.
  • Every time I think I am going to cut back on the racing, something comes along to pull me.
  • I cannot wait to teach my first classes. Even if it is subbing. Of course, having my own would be pretty cool too.
  • I think society and I would be better if I didn’t speak.
  • Despite owning at least 30 hoodies, you can never have too many of them. And lucky me, I found my next hoodie acquisition. Color 402 is the winner.
  • Stop telling people to smile. It’s insulting.
  • Fashion shows are only worth attending if they are for workout / running attire and gear. Otherwise, they are a complete waste of time.
  • It’s a little sad that my black nerd-chic glasses are on their last legs. While my blue frames are fine, I kind of miss wearing those nerd-chic ones.
  • I love people who whine about walking a quarter of a mile, but will run more than that distance regularly.
  • Wallet butt is an unfortunate problem that too many men suffer from. Though strangely, there are an awful lot of guys at my gym who don’t have this problem.

And those are the thoughts of late. Some are mean for sure, but that happens when people are annoying. Unfortunately, too many people have been annoying too much of the time.


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