Thigh Gap, Collarbone Pop and Other “Skinny” Indicators

Earlier in the year, Lululemon had a huge recall / problem with their yoga pants. All because they were extremely sheer / see-thorugh. While some in society didn’t see this as a problem, for a lot of people it was.

At the time, the reason for the problem was that the fabric was inferior. Now, a new reason has emerged as the reason for the problem and it has a number of people very angry and irritated with the company. The reason is that some women’s bodies just aren’t made to wear the pants. In other words, if you experience a problem with them being too sheer or they pill, well it is your fault and not the quality of the fabric.

As you can imagine, this has many people up in arms. How dare he say this? Your clothes don’t fit because you have the wrong body type? A lot of people experienced sheerness and pilling in the thigh area because they rub together and thus the problem happens. For some people, they get this and understand it is what happens. For others, it is just not acceptable, especially if it happens within a short time because you would assume that a product that costs as much as a pair of Lululemon pants wouldn’t have this issue. 

In further explaining how the pants won’t work necessarily on some women’s bodies based on how they use them, this got me to thinking about the various things that people will aspire to to prove they have lost weight, are fit and most importantly, “skinny.”

Some of those things are the gap between your thighs or when you are standing with your legs together, you thighs do not touch. Another sign is when you see a person’s collarbone defined clearly. If you have those things going on, you must be really fit and skinny. Or so some people are led to believe.

Maybe that is the case for some women, but for a lot more of us, the thigh gap will NEVER happen. If you lift weights, run, bike ride or anything else that will develop muscles in your legs, chances are you can never achieve the gap and maintain your muscular legs. I know that I fit into this category. In fact, I would say I have freakishly strong legs. And I love that my legs are super strong. Would I like my thighs to be smaller? Sure, but I wouldn’t sacrifice the strength just to get a gap between my thighs so that Lululemon pants won’t rub sheer and pill on me.

As for the collarbone pop, maybe that will happen one day. But if it doesn’t, who cares. As long as I know I am fit and at a healthy weight I will be happy with what I can do. And I will buy clothes that will fit me well. If it is Lululemon, great. If it is another company, then fine. While I in no way think what was said lately regarding why Lululemon pants have issues is nice or fair, part of me is just kind of “meh” about the attitude.

There is definitely an undercurrent of “we only want people who look a certain way to wear our clothes” happening. However, I do know there are plenty of other clothing manufacturers who make a quality product that might be even better than Lululemon. We are free to do business with Lululemon or with another company that doesn’t feel that way. In any event, I would hope that if Lululemon is trying to sell to all types of people, they might want to rethink the strategy of blaming the customers for a problem that could very well be a manufacturing issue.


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