Small Business Support

Happy Thanksgiving / stuff your face as much as possible day! I hope you had a good one and don’t regret one bit you enjoyed today. I enjoyed some food (not nearly the typical amount) and sweated plenty at the gym before indulging. Because that is what I do.

Now, we come upon the holiday season in earnest. Already stores are opening up with amazing deals for people to enjoy. If you are partaking in these deals on Turkey Day, I hope you enjoy and that you end up getting things you want.

Anyway, while you are enjoying your shopping this weekend, how about you do some supporting of small businesses in addition to the big box retailers. If you have a runner or fitness enthusiast in your life, you should stop by Swirlgear this Friday through Sunday, November 29 – December 1, 2013. If you use the code: SHOPSMALL at checkout, you can get 25% off your order. The clothing is fantastic and most likely takes care of some potential gripes that female fitness enthusiast / runner has about clothing. Not to mention, the clothes are PHENOMENAL at wicking away sweat. In fact, I’d say, I only own two shirts not made by this company that do just as good of job at this.

Enjoy this holiday season and try not to lose perspective in what is important. And that is not always more acquiring stuff 🙂


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