Starting Over

yeah, fun is not burpees and burpees are not fun

Burpees. As you know, I hate them. The month of November I was supposed to be doing a burpee challenge to work up to doing 100 of them by the end of the month.

I wish I could say that I was extraordinarily successful at this challenge. But, that was not meant to be. Instead, you could say I failed miserably.  I made it to the halfway point and then life took a disappointing turn where the very last thing I wanted to do was a burpee. So, after making it to 50, I was done. 

I meant to get back to it, but it never happened. While the days I did do burpees weren’t so bad, I can’t say I that I became more fond of them. In fact, I’d say I still don’t like them. I did mix them up to make them more interesting, but still, no fondness for the burpee.

It’s possible I will try the burpee challenge again, but for now, I’m moving on to a streak of running at least a mile daily until New Year’s day as well as doing my gym’s annual holiday challenge. So far, that has gone well. Probably because they are things I like. Perhaps subconsciously, I found a way to sabotage the burpees because I don’t like them. After all, I did still manage to do other workouts.


One thought on “Starting Over

  1. At least you made it to 50 — that’s an accomplishment! When I was taking a fitness boot camp class, I was eventually able to get comfortable with doing all the exercises we would have to do except for burpees, so I totally understand. Plus your most important sentence is your last one: you have still been doing other workouts. And the running challenge sounds fantastic for you — you know you can do that!

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