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Starting Over

yeah, fun is not burpees and burpees are not fun

Burpees. As you know, I hate them. The month of November I was supposed to be doing a burpee challenge to work up to doing 100 of them by the end of the month.

I wish I could say that I was extraordinarily successful at this challenge. But, that was not meant to be. Instead, you could say I failed miserably.  I made it to the halfway point and then life took a disappointing turn where the very last thing I wanted to do was a burpee. So, after making it to 50, I was done.  Continue reading


It’s Back

My gym for the past two years has offered a 30-day challenge. Go to the gym for 30 days straight between thanksgiving and Christmas and they will pay for a month of dues, give you $50 to use toward services and five guest passes to use at any location or bring your friends to work out with you.

This year will be the third year of the challenge and it is only 25 days. This because Thanksgiving happens so late this year. It begins on Friday and of course I’m up for this challenge. Continue reading


20131110-114904.jpgThat is a question I get asked by some when it comes to my spending so much time at the gym. Why do you go? What is so interesting about it? Can’t you do that stuff at home? How do you have time to be there so much?

Truth of the matter is, I really like it. It is my “happy” place. Working out feels good. Whenever I am feeling like crap or crappy about my life (which is way too often), I just go to the gym and usually within a few minutes of being there, I feel better. Also there are classes that I really enjoy doing and by workout out, I get to challenge my body to do more than it has done before. Sometimes I even surprise myself with how much I have pushed myself physically. Continue reading

My Month of Burpees

yeah, fun is not burpees and burpees are not fun

yeah, fun is not burpees and burpees are not fun

I. Hate. Burpees. For those who know me well, that statement is not a shock. In fact, it is probably common place knowledge. Despite my hatred of them, I will do them when my trainer makes me do them or they show up in a group fitness class I will take.

Despite doing them (usually with a reluctant smile), I have not come to enjoy them. In fact, burpees are my least favorite exercise. Sure there are times when I end up doing an exercise I don’t like, but eventually I will start to enjoy it. One such exercise was pigeon pose in yoga. I hated pigeon because I couldn’t really do it thanks to having really tight hips. However, the more I did it, the more I started to like it and actually start to crave it, especially after a long run.  Continue reading