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Lately, I have had a problem getting up in the morning. I think this is because my current job has a “late” start time of 9:00am. Normally my jobs have started at 8:30am at the latest. That start time forces me to get up and do whatever I need to in the morning so that I can get to work and get things done.

In any event, this past week I have been making a serious effort to get up in the mornings to go workout. Mainly because hopefully next week I will have my 6:30am SPIN class that I will be teaching at Bucktown Athletic Club on Thursdays. Anyway, this week I was able to finally get up early on Wednesday to go to TRX. This was probably because of not really being able to sleep of late due to a variety of things that have been stressing me out. Continue reading


It’s Back

My gym for the past two years has offered a 30-day challenge. Go to the gym for 30 days straight between thanksgiving and Christmas and they will pay for a month of dues, give you $50 to use toward services and five guest passes to use at any location or bring your friends to work out with you.

This year will be the third year of the challenge and it is only 25 days. This because Thanksgiving happens so late this year. It begins on Friday and of course I’m up for this challenge. Continue reading

OK, Fine, Good and Great

Ok. Fine. Good. Great. All words used to describe things. How you feel, how something went or even how food tasted. And they all have a mostly positive connotation to them when you hear them. Most of the time, you probably don’t really think about what you are conveying when you say them.

I started to contemplate what these words mean yesterday when I was at the gym. Where else would I contemplate what something means? Anyway, this all came about because my trainer asked me how Bodypump® was. I was telling her about all the stuff I had been doing the past few days and my response to how the class was was just “it was fine.” Continue reading

My Month of Burpees

yeah, fun is not burpees and burpees are not fun

yeah, fun is not burpees and burpees are not fun

I. Hate. Burpees. For those who know me well, that statement is not a shock. In fact, it is probably common place knowledge. Despite my hatred of them, I will do them when my trainer makes me do them or they show up in a group fitness class I will take.

Despite doing them (usually with a reluctant smile), I have not come to enjoy them. In fact, burpees are my least favorite exercise. Sure there are times when I end up doing an exercise I don’t like, but eventually I will start to enjoy it. One such exercise was pigeon pose in yoga. I hated pigeon because I couldn’t really do it thanks to having really tight hips. However, the more I did it, the more I started to like it and actually start to crave it, especially after a long run.  Continue reading