My Month of Burpees

yeah, fun is not burpees and burpees are not fun

yeah, fun is not burpees and burpees are not fun

I. Hate. Burpees. For those who know me well, that statement is not a shock. In fact, it is probably common place knowledge. Despite my hatred of them, I will do them when my trainer makes me do them or they show up in a group fitness class I will take.

Despite doing them (usually with a reluctant smile), I have not come to enjoy them. In fact, burpees are my least favorite exercise. Sure there are times when I end up doing an exercise I don’t like, but eventually I will start to enjoy it. One such exercise was pigeon pose in yoga. I hated pigeon because I couldn’t really do it thanks to having really tight hips. However, the more I did it, the more I started to like it and actually start to crave it, especially after a long run. 

But burpees? Nope. It hasn’t happened and I suspect it never will happen. So for the month of November, I am doing a burpee challenge. I saw it in one of my running groups that I am in and we are all doing it for the month. The original one I saw had you working up to anywhere between 75-300 burpees over 30 days. However, I saw one that was less aggressive and has us working up to 100 to 300 burpees.

I started the challenge on the first and in addition to doing it with people from one of my running groups, two of my spin instructor friends as well as my trainer are doing the challenge with me. So far, I have worked up to 30 burpees and I have even mixed it up with doing them with a medicine ball or my Bosu. That does help to make the slightly more interesting, but not by much. They still suck.

Part of me hopes that by the end of the 30 days, I might despise burpees less, but so far after a few days, I’m not betting on it. I know that they are good for me and will help in my overall goal I want to achieve with my fitness. However, I just don’t see myself learning to really love and enjoy them. However, if that does happen, I will be sure to let people know at the end of the 30 days. And also get myself checked out to make sure I didn’t suffer any head trauma.


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