Lately, I have had a problem getting up in the morning. I think this is because my current job has a “late” start time of 9:00am. Normally my jobs have started at 8:30am at the latest. That start time forces me to get up and do whatever I need to in the morning so that I can get to work and get things done.

In any event, this past week I have been making a serious effort to get up in the mornings to go workout. Mainly because hopefully next week I will have my 6:30am SPIN class that I will be teaching at Bucktown Athletic Club on Thursdays. Anyway, this week I was able to finally get up early on Wednesday to go to TRX. This was probably because of not really being able to sleep of late due to a variety of things that have been stressing me out.

Turns out, going to TRX was a really good thing this week. Sure a tiny bit of my soul died during this class (a story for another day), but I can say that I have finally conquered this workout. It actually felt, dare I say, easy to do. While I still can’t do a pike (because my feet always slip in the TRX) I was able to hold the plank the whole time as well as doing the oblique crunches with ease.

I suppose for this type of workout, it really does make a difference for me to actually eat a little something before class. Of course, it could also have been “easy” because I was up for a bit of time before class so that I could be fully awake. No matter as after the class, I now feel completely ready to teach my own class in addition to getting the most out of the workouts when I take it.

Now to conquer a few more workouts. I think I am on the road to supreme success with full push ups now as well. And that makes me extremely happy to think I actually have upper body strength. Hopefully I can get it to the same freakish level as my leg strength.


One thought on “Conquering

  1. I’ve been completely unmotivated to get up in the mornings. I’ve made myself do it…but it’s been rather difficult. For me, it’s the weather. It was injury. It was just feeling down and unhappy. Maybe the warmer weather (if it EVER stays) will turn that around.

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