OK, Fine, Good and Great

Ok. Fine. Good. Great. All words used to describe things. How you feel, how something went or even how food tasted. And they all have a mostly positive connotation to them when you hear them. Most of the time, you probably don’t really think about what you are conveying when you say them.

I started to contemplate what these words mean yesterday when I was at the gym. Where else would I contemplate what something means? Anyway, this all came about because my trainer asked me how Bodypump® was. I was telling her about all the stuff I had been doing the past few days and my response to how the class was was just “it was fine.”

She said she didn’t like that response. Because it seemed to imply that I was being nice about the instructor and that the class wasn’t as good as it should have been. I had to clarify that if that were just being polite, I would have said the class was ok. So, now you know, if you ask me how I am and I respond with “Ok” what I am probably really saying is I have a lot of ish going on, I know you don’t want to hear it (because 1) you don’t care or 2) you’re “busy”) so I’ll just say something polite to get you to move on.

After she heard that, she was accepting of my answer. The only reason I said it was fine was because I really missed the regular instructor who teaches the class at that time. The instructor, Martin, just always amuses me and when he says “athletes, pick up your weapons” I always giggle. Not to mention that no matter how awful the week had been, when I take his class, I instantly get a smile on my face because he is just so fun and that good at teaching Bodypump® or whatever else he is teaching.

Lately, I have found it is rather rare that I will say something is good or great. Especially when I am talking about myself and how I am doing. Food will be good but not great most of the time. I guess it just takes a lot for me to say something is great or even amazing. At least when it comes to me personally. If I am talking about someone else and their triumphs, successes, etc, I am more likely to say it. And actually mean it. 😀


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